Changes coming to foursquare's "here now" feature

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Changes coming to foursquare's "here now" feature Akshay Patil 5/8/12 1:05 PM
Hey developers,

We’ll be updating ‘here now” in one month's time to better focus on foursquare’s goal of encouraging meaningful connections with new people and places.

When a user is checked in to a place, requests for "here now" data with that user's token will continue to return information about the other foursquare users currently checked in to the place (much like how the users could see each other by looking around in real life).

If the user is not checked in to a venue, however, then requests for "here now" data will only return information about people from the user's social circle, and a count of how many other people are there overall.

Userless access to here now will be unchanged, returning a total count of foursquare users currently checked in.

If you rely on authenticated access to the venues/herenow endpoint to help merchants connect with their customers, there's never been a better time to switch over to our venues/stats endpoint ( and/or the Venue Push API (

For any questions about policies around accessing these endpoints, do check our platform policies ( If your question isn't answered there, you can e-mail us at



Re: Changes coming to foursquare's "here now" feature Akshay Patil 7/23/12 2:02 PM
This is being rolled out now.