Firebug 1.12 alpha 8

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Firebug 1.12 alpha 8 Jan Honza Odvarko 6/14/13 8:10 AM
Re: Firebug 1.12 alpha 8 Markus Staab 6/17/13 12:31 AM
would be nice to have a visual hint which tells about the available ctrl+click mulitiple filters.

ATM a user must read the blog posts to know about the feature.
Maybe mention it in the tooltip of those button would be a first step.

Thanks for your great work!

On Friday, June 14, 2013 5:10:18 PM UTC+2, Jan Honza Odvarko wrote:

Re: Firebug 1.12 alpha 8 Markus Staab 6/17/13 12:34 AM
another way I could think about:

add a checkbox like image/control next to the Filter-buttons which gets ticked & un-ticked when clicked (one for each button).
checkboxes are a good hint which tells the user something about multiple selection
Re: Firebug 1.12 alpha 8 Sebastian Zartner 6/17/13 3:11 AM
Thanks for the hint. I added the info to the tooltips in 9fc93ee2a7d10fad60ec28c75d5fda19584fe123.
Adding a checkbox may be too much, though we could reconsider this later.