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Firebug 1.11.4 Jan Honza Odvarko 5/24/13 8:25 PM
Re: Firebug 1.11.4 gulli 5/28/13 4:54 AM
Latest update (1.11.4) has firefox slow down to a crawl when loading script intensive pages. Firefox now becomes unresponsive for 30-60 seconds while loading the particular page I'm developing, was 1-2 seconds before latest update). Unfortunately I don't have information on which exact version I upgraded from. When loading the page without FireBug open, there is no noticeable lag. Since the site is internal corporate stuff, I cannot give you a link to reproduce :-(

This page makes extensive use of knockoutjs, which means a lot of function calls. My uneducated guess would be that this slowdown has something to do with function call debugging. 

Btw, thanks for an otherwise great tool!

-Guðlaugur Egilsson

On Saturday, May 25, 2013 3:25:28 AM UTC, Jan Honza Odvarko wrote:

Re: Firebug 1.11.4 Jan Honza Odvarko 5/28/13 6:26 AM
What we need is a test case that would help us to reproduce the problem on our machines.
(a test case is: set of steps saying what URL to load and what exactly to do to see the problem)

There are two reports in bugzilla (for Firefox) and there won't be a progress till we have the test case.

Bug 876075 - Firefox 21 slows down JSD and page load performance

Bug 875797 - Firefox 21 take long time compiling LESS CSS runtime with less-1.3.3.min.js.

Re: Firebug 1.11.4 Jan Honza Odvarko 5/28/13 9:39 AM
Please post details how to reproduce the problem to this bug report

Otherwise we can't fix it


On Tuesday, May 28, 2013 6:31:55 PM UTC+2, Benjamin Letellier wrote:
I have the same problem.
I'm using Knockoutjs and LESSCSS with embed javascript compiler.

48sec for loading my less files ! (3sec with older version of firebug).

Open my html page, F12 to open Firebug, Ctrl + R to reload
and waiting... waiting... waiting...

No error in firebug's console

Re: Firebug 1.11.4 Sebastian Zartner 5/29/13 3:56 AM
"Me too" comments are not helping to solve the problem. If you have a test case, please post it together with the steps to reproduce in bug 876075.


On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 12:22:13 PM UTC+2, Egor Lopatin wrote:
I have the same problem - everything slowing down with opened firebug...
Re: Firebug 1.11.4 Sebastian Zartner 5/29/13 4:41 AM
I could reproduce the test case of bug 875797 using Firefox 21, though not on 22, 23.0a2 nor on 24.0a1. Tested this on a fresh profile with different versions of Firebug installed.
So could you all please try to reproduce your problems using Firefox 22 and let us know if you still experience the slowdown?

Re: [firebug] Re: Firebug 1.11.4 mindrones 6/5/13 4:19 AM

I have just tried this workaround and I can confirm it works here, now
everything is nice and snippy here too :)

Ray thanks a lot!


On 5 June 2013 12:16, Ray West <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I saw a bunch of people post about slow downs when using Firebug 1.11.x
> I had the same problem and this is how I solved it
> I followed a tutorial somewhere to start a new Profile for Firefox.
> I created a new profile and tested Firebug, the slow downs disappeared.
> Workaround / Fix
> It wasn't practical for me to stick with the new/blank Profile so I switched
> back to my default one with the slow-firebug.
> I then removed the Firebug addon, restarted Firefox.
> Deleted the 'firebug' folder from the my profile directory, restarted
> Firefox.
> Browsed to about:config and searched for 'firebug'. Then right-clicked each
> setting and chose 'reset'. When I was done with all the settings I restarted
> Firefox.
> After that I reinstalled Firebug 1.12.a7
> Now everything is nice and snippy.
> Conclusion
> I think there are settings in about:config and files in the the profile
> directory that get's left behind when we upgrade firebug.
> These settings/files appear to be the cause of the slow-downs.
> I hope this helps someone, it took me a good while to fix. :)
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Re: [firebug] Re: Firebug 1.11.4 mindrones 6/5/13 4:31 AM

just in case this might be useful, I've saved 2 screenies of the
firebug configs after removing Firebug, before and after the reset,
see the attachment.

Re: [firebug] Re: Firebug 1.11.4 mindrones 6/5/13 5:23 AM

this was a false positive :/

I think that, by default and with configs being reset, Firebug starts
with Console and Script panels disabled, hence the apparent
When enabling them again, everything slows down again.
Sorry for the noise.

Re: Firebug 1.11.4 Ray West 6/5/13 5:09 PM
Hi There, dammit, I couldn't delete the post when I discovered the false positive.
Sorry for any confusion but the above workaround does not work. (as indicated by Luca as well).

Something else that might/might not be of interest to the devs though is that I'm experiencing the slowdown when
using jQuery + Google Maps API v3. When Firebug console is enabled, scrolling maps is jerky and slow. When console is off it's nice and fast.

Re: Firebug 1.11.4 Sebastian Zartner 6/5/13 11:56 PM
As I wrote in my previous comment it looks like this is actually a bug in Firefox.
So could you please test it out in Firefox 22 or above and let us know if that makes any difference?

Re: Firebug 1.11.4 Ray West 6/6/13 7:56 AM
Hi Sebastian,

I have attached a simple HTML file that uses Google Maps API v3. Please load that up and verify that you get the slow downs as well.

I have tested in the following:

Firefox 21, Firebug 1.11.x to 1.12.a7 - Slow down occurs
Firefox 22beta, Firebug 1.11.x to 1.12.a7 - Slow down still occurs.

Here's something I tried:
I disabled Firebug and enabled Firefox's built-in web tools. The map scrolled fine.
Then I used the build-in web tools Inspector, after that there was a small floating div around on of the google maps tiles. When I tried to pan the map the slowdown came back in pretty much the same way as in Firebug. (speed wise)
I ran the Profiler and it looks like 77.8% of processing was stuck in MarkupView.jsm:1072 - EE_Update(). Presumably this might have something to do with the slow-downs.

It does indeed appear to be a bug related to Firefox. Please verify.

Thanks! 6/6/13 7:57 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Firebug 1.11.4 Ray West 6/6/13 7:58 AM
The attached file, 2nd try.