[Caml-list] [ANN] Js_of_ocaml version 1.1

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[Caml-list] [ANN] Js_of_ocaml version 1.1 Jerome Vouillon 3/23/12 5:45 AM

I'm happy to announce a new release of Js_of_ocaml, a compiler
from OCaml bytecode to Javascript.  This tool lets you write
OCaml programs that run on Web browsers.  You can use it to
deploy your OCaml applications everywhere (smartphones, tablets,
desktop computers, ...), or to take advantage of the graphical
capabilies of modern browsers: text layout, 2D canvas, WebGL...

This release adds WebGL bindings, provides more complete bindings
to the other browser APIs, and fixes a number of bugs.

Js_of_ocaml is easy to install, and use thereafter, as it works with
an existing installation of OCaml, with no need to recompile any
library.  It comes with bindings for a large part of the browser APIs.

The project page is:   http://ocsigen.org/js_of_ocaml/


The compiler has been used to implement the "Try Ocaml" site,
which runs the OCaml toplevel in you browser.


Another noteworthy example is an interactive tree viewer, which
let you browse a large phylogenetic tree of animals, layed out on
the hyperbolic plane.


Further examples can be found on the project page.


According to our benchmarks, with state of the art Javascript engines,
the generated programs runs typically faster than with the OCaml
bytecode interpreter ( http://ocsigen.org/js_of_ocaml/performances ).

Js_of_ocaml performs dead code elimination in order to generate
compact code: the Javascript file produced is usually smaller than
the input bytecode file, and often much smaller.


Project home page  http://ocsigen.org/js_of_ocaml/
Download           http://ocsigen.org/download/js_of_ocaml-1.1.1.tar.gz
Get source code    darcs get http://ocsigen.org/darcs/js_of_ocaml/
Documentation      https://ocsigen.org/js_of_ocaml/manual/

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