Escort Web Browser 0.2.0 released from Esrille

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Escort Web Browser 0.2.0 released from Esrille Shiki Okasaka 6/30/12 8:37 PM

Today we have released the new web browser Escort 0.2.0. This is the
first alpha release including a tarball and binary packages for Fedora
17. Escort was previously developed as 'ES web browser' and now it has
a name.

Escort has a totally new CSS/HTML rendering engine, and it can be
configured with SpiderMonkey or V8 JavaScript engine over our Web IDL
C++11 binding. The user interface of Escort itself is also implemented
by HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

For more details, please visit,

Please feel free to post your questions, suggestions, etc., on any
topics related to Escort to this discussion group. We always welcome
your input.


Shiki Okasaka