Custom DQL functions in ORDER BY clause

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Custom DQL functions in ORDER BY clause carstep 3/29/12 12:47 PM
Hi there,

I've made a custom lpad implementation for MySQL and PgSQL platform
and would like to use them in the ORDER BY clause (statement) of a
SELECT statement. I couldn't run it because the Parser always gave me
Syntax error on the opening parentesis of the LPAD function.

By the way how to provide an integer value to a custom function? I
currently use StringPrimary but as of PgSQL is more strict on that so
any hints would be appretiated.

Is there any progress in this direction or have to use a workaround by
doing an lpad column and referencing on that in the ORDER BY clause?

Are there any hints to extend the lexer or parser in this direction?

Re: [doctrine-user] Custom DQL functions in ORDER BY clause Marco Pivetta 3/29/12 1:31 PM
For the ORDER BY, you can SELECT that field and then reuse it in the ORDER BY clause...

Not sure about the problem with int values...

Marco Pivetta    

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