Samsung 160 HS161JQ (CEATA connector woes)

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Samsung 160 HS161JQ (CEATA connector woes) Andrew Strilaeff 11/14/11 12:54 PM
Hi all. We co-exist with the and get alot of Samsung drives
with the CEATA connectors. (see attached images)
Now these drives are popping up in laptops too (LG for example)
So, it's in everyone's best interest to crack this NUT! ;)
We have yet too find a suitable cable that will take the pinouts to SATA for data
recovery imaging (even for testing on PC3000)
In picture #4 (top right) is the closest thing we have found (it's SATA male on the other end)
Does anyone know where a cable to SATA is avaialble?
If not, how about a proper MAPPING - I am willing to hardwire these 2 cables
(in Pic #4) together

-Andrew Strilaeff
Edmonton, Canada