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Course Builder & edX Robyn Im 9/10/13 6:19 AM

Hi Course Builder community,

As an important Course Builder user and advocate, I want to share with you the next phase of our adventure in online education.  Today, we announced that we will work with edX as a contributor to the open source platform, Open edX.

We will continue to maintain Course Builder and it will still be the right platform for many users in the interim.  As we transition our focus to Open edX, we will minimize Course Builder feature development.  However, we are committed to providing support to current and future Course Builder users in the interim.

What does this mean for you?

  • For most users, there’s no need for any immediate action. Your course will continue to work. In the future, we will provide support for users of the most recent version of Course Builder to import their courses into the Open edX or format.

  • If you aren’t running the latest version of Course Builder, we advise that you upgrade in order to align with Google App Engine updates.

  • If you have customized Course Builder or plan future customizations, we cannot guarantee that these will transfer to Open edX. However, Open edX has a customization framework called XBlocks that may address some of these needs.  Additionally, as an open source platform, Open edX can be customized at the source code level.

We want to thank you for your experimentation and feedback as these have informed the Course Builder platform.  We will take our learnings from Course Builder and apply them to Open edX to further innovate on an open source MOOC platform. We will post updates on the Course Builder site over the coming months.  Please let me know if you have any questions.