CLJ tickets needing work on May 4 2012

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CLJ tickets needing work on May 4 2012 Andy Fingerhut 5/4/12 1:50 PM
Tickets needing work for CLJ project
Date: May 4, 2012

If you are a Clojure contributor, the tickets below could use some
work.  Some are easy, some are not.  If you've never added a patch
before, or want a refresher on the mechanics, see (Note 1) near the

For the list of tickets that have patches, but they need updating,
keep reading below.

For the list of tickets that don't have any patches, see (Note 2) near
the bottom.


Patches fail to apply cleanly to latest master:

CLJ-976 CLJ-976-queue-literal-tagged-parse-support-only.diff

Attached patch seems to have spelling mistakes, and perhaps could be
worded more clearly.
CLJ-835 0001-Clarify-docstring-for-defmulti.patch

Comments imply patch needs correcting, but that appears to be a
non-complex job.
CLJ-373 0001-Support-empty-path-in-update-in.-CLJ-373.patch

The patches below would be prescreened, except that their authors are
not on the list of Clojure contributors.  The author of CLJ-828's
patch may not find it worth signing a CA for a single small patch, so
any contributor that wants to take a shot at reading the description
and implementing their own fix should go ahead.  For the others, the
authors have been contacted via email to ask if they are willing to
sign CAs.

CLJ-450 clj-450-add-default-pred-arg-to-core-fns-patch.txt
CLJ-828 clojure.core/bases returns a cons when passed a class and a
Java array when passed an interface
CLJ-884 diff.patch
CLJ-978 clojure--bean-support-for-private-implementation-classes-v2.diff
CLJ-980 clojure--extend-type-doc-fix.diff

The ones above are likely easy to update.  The ones below are likely
more work, where part of the work could be figuring out what ought to
be done in the first place.

These have patches, and are marked with Fix Version of Release 1.5.
Rich has left comments on the existing patches describing changes he'd
like to see before including them.
CLJ-850 clj-850-type-hinted-fn-abstractmethoderror-patch3.txt

What should be done with these?
CLJ-703 (neither patch applies cleanly)
CLJ-840 (patch clj840-2.diff applies cleanly and passes tests)

Comments perhaps imply that authors or other contributors think more
work should be done to create new patches.  Some of these might be
significant hunks of work.  Not easy for me to tell.
CLJ-2    (only patch fails to apply cleanly)
CLJ-5    (one of two patches applies and builds cleanly)
CLJ-322  (patch compile-interop-1.patch applies and builds cleanly)
CLJ-445  (no patches apply cleanly)
CLJ-666  (only patch fails to apply cleanly)
CLJ-735  (patch protocolerr.diff applies and builds cleanly)
CLJ-792  (patch clj-792-reorg-reflector-patch2.txt applied cleanly in Feb 2012, but didn't pass all tests)
CLJ-803  (both patches apply and build cleanly, iatom.patch using patch(1))
CLJ-821  (only patch fails to apply cleanly)
CLJ-891  (only patch applies and builds cleanly)


(Note 1)

Read the documentation under the headings "Development", "Adding
patches", and "Removing patches" on this page:

(Note 2)

As of the date of this report, there are 132 tickets matching a JIRA
filter called "Needs a Patch (all)".  To see them, go to this link:

In the box labeled Author, type in Andy Fingerhut.  Click on the
choice that pops up and the contents should change to my user account
name, jafingerhut.  Click on the Search button at the bottom.  Then
click on the filter called "Needs a Patch (all)".  You can subscribe
to the filter, after which it should show up in your list of filters
under the Issues menu on this page:

Most "Needs a Patch" tickets have no patches attached.  If it does
have a patch, then its Patch attribute needs to be changed.  Read the
documentation on adding patches at the link in (Note 1) above.

Some of the older tickets have links to patches in the old Assembla
ticket system.  If you add an attachment to the JIRA ticket, my
automated patch prescreening code will pick it up the next time I run
it (about once per week).

Re: CLJ tickets needing work on May 4 2012 Devin Walters (devn) 5/5/12 11:13 AM
Thanks for doing this.