ClassLoader on scala 2.10

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ClassLoader on scala 2.10 Friggles 3/18/13 6:33 PM

I've noticed with the scala 2.10 update, when you use circumflex on the play framework, you get ClassNotFound exceptions dealing with the singleton objects

I've had a muck around and identified the line:

orm/relation.scala 3.0-SNAPSHOT:
line 55: val _recordClass: Class[R] = Class.forName(

Looks like using Class.forName from within a jar file doesnt see classes outside of the jar in scala 2.10.

Changing the line to
line 55: val _recordClass: Class[R] = this.getClass().getClassLoader().loadClass(
Seems to do the trick. Has anyone else experienced any dynamic class loading weirdness with play 2.1 / scala 2.10?