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Open Issues & Timeline Lee Hambley 6/29/12 1:59 AM
Greetings list members,

I need to tell you all that I won't be able to look at *any* issue on Capistrano until at least the middle of September of this year. I'm very sorry for the lack of service and time.

I'm switching from working in a full-time job to running my own freelance agency; switching from full-time 8-hours per day to "working enough to pay the bills" means that I have to shift my priorities a little; essentially Capistrano moves to the bottom of the list behind projects that pay, and projects which pay me to work on open source.

I'm looking for a volunteer who will assist me during this time (or volunteers) who like to start with no, and are interested in maintaining, but not moving Capistrano's boundaries.

It's a tool that is used by many tens of thousands of developers and I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to be "in the background" and just do what is needed without the fame and the money (hint, there's no fame or money)

Please keep all discussion about this on-list, I'd prefer not to get bogged down in discussions one-on-one with anyone.

What you get:
  • No fame or money
  • Github commit access
  • Rubygems access (upon proving that we can work together)
  • Mailing list admin rights
For anyone concerned about the future of the project, don't be dismayed, I will continue to do my best to oversee quality control, and that the project direction doesn't change. If a strong maintainer who's philosophy is inline with the project comes forward and does a better job than I have been doing, I'll step aside in the long run; but we're not talking about that yet.

I love my work on Capistrano, and f anyone wants to make sure I have more time to continue my contributions they should hire me to work on your project, or to sponsor continued open source development if you find this tool useful.