MySQL User Camp on 19th June

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MySQL User Camp on 19th June 6/11/13 10:47 PM
Hello MySQL Enthusiasts,

We are ready to have yet another MySQL User Camp on 19th June, 2013 at Kalyani Magnum Info Tech Park, Bangalore. Main highlights of the events are:
- Overview of InnoDB Storage Engine
- Overview of Performance Schema
- Open ended discussion with MySQL developers and Users.
- Informal discussion with MySQLers.

So, explore this opportunity to interact with MySQL Developers and Users and increase your network with other MySQLers.

Date/Time : (Wednesday) 19th June, 2013. 5PM-6PM
Venue : Kalyani Magnum Infotech Park, Bangalore.
Registration : free (FCFS).
How to register: Send a mail to

For more information, follow us on:
Facebook group : (MySQL User Camp)
Linked In groupĀ  : (MySQL India)

Please find attached poster for the event for more information.