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Behavior of $location... spdev 8/2/12 11:52 PM
I have been playing with angularjs for couple of days and like it so far. I am trying to build a chrome extension which attaches a small widget of thing below every gmail message when the user is on So far so good.  As part of authentication code, I handle 401 error in this way. Whenever there is a 401 error, I  use  $location.path( "/login" ) to redirect the user to the login screen/template. This changes browser address bar which seems to be the default behavior. So, if the current address was, it becomes  But mine is not standalone app, its more like widget that attaches to a div when on site. My app should not mess with the browser address bar. I am now starting to think if I can really use angularjs for my app as I am going against the default behavior. Does anybody have any thoughts around this?