4.0.4 factory images for VZW Galaxy Nexus

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4.0.4 factory images for VZW Galaxy Nexus Jean-Baptiste Queru 6/5/12 9:09 AM
Even though that device isn't supported in AOSP any longer, I've
published the 4.0.4 IMM76K factory images for the VZW Galaxy Nexus at
the usual location


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Re: [android-building] Re: 4.0.4 factory images for VZW Galaxy Nexus Jean-Baptiste Queru 6/6/12 7:27 AM
That's my mistake. The files I use as a starting point to prepare
those packages all have the same name (in this case, radio-cdma.img).
The names are differentiated as part of my packaging script, to make
it easier to know which is which.

When I prepared that script for 4.0.4, I made a typo, an I typed the
version number of the CDMA radio as fa04 instead of fc04. The file in
question is the true FC04 version, as you can see in the bootloader,
via fastboot, or in the settings.

I've made a note to fix it in the future if I get a chance.

Sorry about the confusion.


On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 1:40 AM, Mike Swanson <reard...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd like to echo the thanks from the other posters as well.  I have a
> question though, I got the standard Verizon update OTA and I noticed a
> discrepancy in the name of the Radio files and the radio's that came with
> the update from Verizon.  The radio that came from Verizon is labeled FC04,
> whereas the one in the download is fa04.  Is that just a mis-label on the
> file or is there actually a difference between the code?  Is it something to
> do with Verizon keeping some of their radio code private?  Thanks.
> Mike
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Re: [android-building] Re: 4.0.4 factory images for VZW Galaxy Nexus Jean-Baptiste Queru 6/11/12 1:06 PM
I've fixed that. A new package is at

The only difference is the filename for the CDMA radio image, so if
you already have the older version you probably won't need the new

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