Tom's Life??

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Tom's Life?? Peter Craddy 10/31/97 12:00 AM

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997 00:20:29 -0400, Randy Clifford
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>Does anybody know Tom Clancy's birthdate???
>names of 4 kids???
>Official status of he and his wife, Wanda?
>Wanda's birthdate?
>The name of Tom's highschool?
>The name of his college?
>His major there?
>Where Tom was born?
>Any other facts about Tom...

Tom does...

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Tom's Life?? Tom Clancy 10/31/97 12:00 AM

Does anybody know Tom Clancy's birthdate???
names of 4 kids???
Official status of he and his wife, Wanda?
Wanda's birthdate?
The name of Tom's highschool?
The name of his college?
His major there?
Where Tom was born?
Any other facts about Tom...

I was born on April 12, 1947 at Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, MD.

The names of my kids. No, even celebrities are allowed to have a private life,
 and my kids are not public figures.

My wife and me? See above.

High school and college: Loyola High School, Towson, MD, class of 1965. Loyola
 College, Baltimore, MD, class of 1969.

English Literature. I wasn't smart enough to do physics.

See above.



Re: Tom's Life?? 5/23/12 11:12 AM
Hi Tom Clancy

I'm a BIG fan and admire your work. By the way I'm thirteen.
I am busy with Op Center , its a very great book and I'm enjoing it very much. I wish I had more of your books there fantastic and wonderd if you could send me a sighnd copy of your book. Any one of your books.Your work is art and Big.

I hope you reply.

My email is