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R19 Xavier Ducrohet 4/12/12 2:29 PM
Hey folks,

We just pushed r19 for the tools only. ADT is still on 18.0

This is a fix for the emulator using GPU only (built from the r18
branch) so no other changes.

As I said in another thread a few days ago, this is called 19 only
because we can't do point releases on the tools.

Xavier Ducrohet
Android SDK Tech Lead
Google Inc.
http://developer.android.com | http://tools.android.com

Please do not send me questions directly. Thanks!

Re: R19 Manfred Moser 4/12/12 4:24 PM
Could you let us know the git rev number or branch/tag info...
Re: R19 Xavier Ducrohet 4/13/12 12:40 PM
We have no branch of r19, it's the same as r18. The only changes are
the rendering libraries which were built from development.git so they
are not branched with sdk.git (which is what triggered the problem on

If you're asking to upload r19 versions of the jar files to Maven or
to use them in the maven build system, none of them actually changed.

Re: R19 Manfred Moser 4/13/12 12:47 PM
I still have to build and upload anything newer than 16 ... if I have
the right revision or branch for 18 or 19 I will just skip 17.. not
sure when I get around to it anyway..

Not enough spare time ;-)


Re: R19 Julia Perdigueiro 4/13/12 12:18 PM
Hi Xavier,

I noticed that the r19 SDK is only updatable via SDK manager, and not available for download at http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html
Are you planning to publish it there as well?

Re: R19 Julia Perdigueiro 4/13/12 12:49 PM
I was asking for the zip package that contains the SDK starter pack.
The site holds the r18 zip file as of now.
Re: R19 Xavier Ducrohet 4/13/12 12:50 PM
I'd like to but due to recent branch changes, code moving around from
target projects to host projects, use moving (slowly) to work in AOSP,
the r18 branch is broken (all the changes were made to avoid this
issue in the future, btw, we just didn't expect to need the r18 branch
again) which made creating those packages a bit difficult.

With r20 (formerly known as 19, and before that formerly known as 18)
coming soonish (early May), we're just going to skip making those for
r19 and just release updates with r20.

Re: R19 Eric Cloninger 4/13/12 1:16 PM

I'm not sure Julia or I understood your reply. Right now there is a
link on the SDK download page and it's pointing to SDK tools r18 (as
of 1:15PT on Friday). Will this link be updated and will the zip
package that is pointed to on that page get updated in the next day or
two? I assume since you released something called r19 via SDK manager
that you will update the page at


Re: R19 Xavier Ducrohet 4/13/12 1:25 PM
The answer is no. We're keeping the starter package at 18 for now.

As I said the r18 branch is broken, the 19 branch doesn't actually
exist due to branching configuration problems (that will be fixed for
20). Building the zip packages could be done, the windows installer is
a bigger challenge. We're only a few weeks away from 20 so we decided
to keep 18 as starter packages.

Re: R19 Eric Cloninger 4/13/12 1:42 PM
OK, got it. We'll leave our repo pointing at 18 for now. thx