[ADMB Users] ADMB 64 MS visual 10 -- Building DLL issues

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[ADMB Users] ADMB 64 MS visual 10 -- Building DLL issues Nassar 1/16/12 3:48 PM

Hi all



I have installed ADMB 10 (64bit) and compiling it with Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0 (SDK 7.1 with .NET 4.0)

Thanks to Allan Hicks, compiling the programs and building executables is perfectly running.

But I do have troubles building DLL, somebody overcame this issue?

Tpl2cpp –gaussdll simple

Adcomp64 –d simple

Those commands wen ok

Adlink64 –d simple

I had to interrupt this command avec several min without any answer


Advices & help are highly welcome

Best regards


Re: [ADMB Users] ADMB 64 MS visual 10 -- Building DLL issues Arni Magnusson 1/16/12 4:32 PM
Hi Naji,

I believe the DLL compilation is broken on most platforms - but probably
not all.

Many years ago, Dave Fournier implemented fully working DLL compilation on
all ADMB platforms (e.g. ADMB 5.0 in 2000). My understanding is that Dave
did not continue to maintain this feature, because it took a lot of effort
and it looked like few or no users were compiling ADMB DLLs.

When I wrote the adcomp/adlink/admb scripts in 2009, I decided to provide
the -d option, knowing that the feature was at least half-broken. The idea
is to highlight a feature that can probably be resurrected - and of course
to provide DLL compilation on the few platforms where it still works.

The development team has only allocated limited efforts to examine the
issue of DLL compilation, but encourages interested users to do so.
Several discussions can be found on

This should probably be an ADMB FAQ entry, and the DLL chapter in the
manual could be updated...

DLL compilation could definitely streamline the process of interfacing
ADMB with other software, and might result in creative applications beyond
our imagination.


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Re: [ADMB Users] ADMB 64 MS visual 10 -- Building DLL issues Ian Taylor 1/17/12 10:17 AM
I just copied Arni's email (pretty much verbatim) into a new FAQ item:  http://admb-project.org/documentation/faq#dll 
If anyone has a suggestion for a revision to that, or if it ceases to be the current state of ADMB, please let me know.
Re: [ADMB Users] ADMB 64 MS visual 10 -- Building DLL issues Weihai Liu 1/17/12 10:36 AM
I use one of the old example from the admb manual, the admb -d works fine on mingw gnu compiler for windows for the latest revision. Not sure for other compiler though. 

Re: [ADMB Users] ADMB 64 MS visual 10 -- Building DLL issues Brandon 1/17/12 10:37 AM
I know that Bob Lessard with Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission has built a number of VB applications that use ADMB DLLs.  I have built several myself but it was with a much older version of ADMB and compiled using Visual Studio 6.0.  Quite frankly Bob held my hand most of the way in terms of getting the linking correct.  You may want to contact him directly as I don't believe he is part of the ADMB list serve.  He could probably help develop some instructions for Windows users.


Brandon Chasco
University of California Santa Barbara, Bren School

Re: [ADMB Users] ADMB 64 MS visual 10 -- Building DLL issues Nassar 1/17/12 3:13 PM

Hi all


Thanks to all, your replies help me to focus on the main issue for adlink.bat line:


cl simple.obj df1b2o.lib admod32.lib ado32.lib adt32.lib /link /libpath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\ADMB"\lib /libpath:"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1"\lib\x64



What do I have to change in order to get a DLL rather than a EXE file?


Best regards