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Stunt Status Update Todd Sundsted 7/9/12 4:43 AM
All is not quiet on the Stunt front, even though the ongoing work may
not be visible.

Steve Wainstead, creator of Waverous (
), has been rolling his C++ patches (http:// into a fork of Stunt (
).  My feeling has been that sometime between LambdaMOO
1.8.1 and ~1.8.3, certain features in the code base (ad hoc exception
handling in the string code...) made a great argument for a transition
to C++.  Luckily, Steve has already done the hard work :-)

I have also started work on the next feature set for Stunt.  The major
pieces are currently:

1) Fixing the of the lingering server-crasher bugs related to
malicious/incorrect programs.
2) Adding support for ref-counted, anonymous objects (just like
regular objects except no object number).
3) Adding support for indexes on properties across descendants, along
with query built-ins for quickly finding matching objects.
4) Better random options (probably just using /dev/random or /dev/

The exact set of features may change, however.  If things work out,
for this release, the features will appear in both the C and C++
branches of the server.

I am also just about ready to release a heavily improved version of
Improvise -- the first version which I consider actually usable.  And
if I'm lucky, it will also contain the first draft cut of an actual
web-aware, modular VR/gaming core.