Is iKnow relevant to us?

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Is iKnow relevant to us? Dawn Wolthuis 2/12/12 7:03 PM
I am listening to the grammys and reading Cache' 2012.1 Release Notes,
'cause I know how to live baby.

So is this iKnow technology relevant to MV?  --dawn
Dawn M. Wolthuis

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Re: [InterSystems-MV] Is iKnow relevant to us? Lee Burstein 2/12/12 8:23 PM
The short answer is yes, of course. It's part of our technology stack that improves applications and their analysis of data. You can think of DeepSee as a quantitative and iKnow as qualitative analysis. iKnow does a linguistic analysis of the concepts and relationships in your data.

Many applications have a notes field in one or more files. Typically, this is printed on an invoice or some kind of report. iKnow gives you the capability of understanding what is in these notes and make sense of them.

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Re: [InterSystems-MV] Is iKnow relevant to us? dawn 2/13/12 5:08 AM
Yes I figured that was the short version. I think I saw the guys who wrote this do a talk about 4 years ago. We are working on search right now so I was thinking this might be relevant down the line. I'll put it on the list to look into. Thanks. --dawn

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