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Sharon as an Irish Name?

Sharon Krossa Dec 28, 1994 6:14 AM
Posted in group: soc.culture.celtic
Greetings all:
     I have been wondering for many years about the "Irishness" of my
first name: Sharon. I hope this is an appropriate place to post my question.
     In the United States, 'Sharon' is almost universally regarded as
being an Irish Catholic name, with a smaller number coming from a Jewish
background. It's not a particularly common name (I've met less than a dozen
Sharon's in the USA) though I'm told its actually on the top 50 names
list of the last 100 years or so, though near the bottom (again, in the USA).
     All my life I've been told 'Sharon' is an Irish name, and I have
never met a Sharon in the USA who did not think the same and who was not
of Irish Catholic ancestry. Now, I know that originally the name comes
from the _Song of Songs_ in the Bible, from the reference to "the rose of
Sharon", the Sharon there being a geographic location (a plain I'm told).
My question is not about the original source, but about whether Sharon is
a common name in Ireland, now or in the past, or is Sharon more
accurately described in the USA as a "Irish-American" name rather than an
"Irish" name? Did Sharon only become popular among Irish ancestered
people *after* they arrived in the USA, or is this a continuation of Irish
      I have searched Irish and Scots Gaelic name lists in vain for a
gaelic version of Sharon (as a name), which I would have expected if it
was a longstanding traditional name (Just as one finds all the popular
saints names from the bible in Irish form...). Does Sharon exist as a
name in Irish (Gaelic)?
      If Sharon isn't and wasn't ever a popular Irish Catholic name (in
Ireland) -- where did the American perception that it is/was come from?
      Anyway, I hope you can help me solve this mystery!
Thank you,
Sharon Krossa, (don't be fooled by my email
address -- I really am an American!)
PS I am aware of the amazing popularity and rather unflattering
stereotypes associated with the name Sharon in England and Scotland --
was rather a shock coming from the USA where all it meant was you were
probably Irish and *that* is regarded in the USA as being a *good* thing! ;-)