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Re: Starter notes for using sprites and SmartSprites

Stanislaw Osinski Sep 5, 2010 4:41 AM
Posted in group: SmartSprites CSS Sprite Generator Users and Developers
Hi Eric,

Excellent notes, thanks for sharing them! I've added a link to this
thread to SmartSprites website, so that others have a chance to read
them too.

> Non-repeating images which are shorter than the repeating ones could
> be in the same file, but if they're longer, then the repeating ones
> have to be duplicated to an LCM that's longer than the longest non-
> repeating image.  Not impossible, but maybe not worth it.

Actually, SmartSprites does that (
). Otherwise, it would happen quite
frequently that a wide/tall individual image gets clipped by a pixel
or two if the same sprite contained e.g. a 3-pixels wide/tall repeated
image whose width/height happened not to be equal modulo 3 to the
width/height of the wide/tall one.