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Correct use of Cryptic Rider

LSJ Jan 7, 1998 12:00 AM
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Michael Beer wrote:
> Assume that you just successfully casted a vote and played Cryptic
> Rider.
> A second vampire of yours is about to cast the famous second vote...
> Does voting still occur during this second vote (although it passes
> automatically anyway)?

No. As soon as the action resolves (remains unblocked) - the time
that voting would normally occur, then vote instantly passes.

> May effects from modifiers like Bribes, Treachery, Voter Captivation...
> still apply in this second vote?

No. The first two cannot be played, since there is no opportunity
to play them. Voter Cap can be played after the votes succeeds, but
X will just be zero (indeterminate, actually), since the vote didn't
pass by any specific amount.

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