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Re: What I really LIKE about MyLifeOrganized!

pottster Sep 16, 2009 5:57 AM
Posted in group: MyLifeOrganized
Rather than list an extensive feature set I'd say that the unique
selling point for MLO is the way it combines the power of an outliner
with a sophisticated to do list. This combination means that anything,
and I mean anything, that you want to DO rather than just think about
can be reduced to what David Allen terms "cranking widgets". It's not
a new concept - the old Chinese proverb "a journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step" shows that, but it's how it's how you
change the world (or do your shopping).

On Sep 16, 11:04 am, MLOSus <> wrote:
> What I really liked when I first saw MLO was the Next Action filtering
> in ToDo view and the "complete subtask in order" possibility, which
> both helped me a lot in getting things done, helping me to see only a
> few tasks, but the ones I could act on. I like also the computed score
> ordering option, for the same reason. And of course Outlook syncing
> and the nice little "look up in Outlook" feature. These are still the
> essential features for me, helping to avoid procrastination.
> Since then, the improved filtering options in ToDo view and the
> possibility to save personal ToDo-Views made me really happy, like the
> formatting options which help to have a more clear outline view. And
> not to forget, the possibility to flag items I want to keep an eye on.
> Susanne
> On Sep 16, 10:55 am, "Andrey Tkachuk (MLO)"
> <> wrote:
> > Please post here a few lines about what you really LIKE about
> > MyLifeOrganized application.
> > The happy users are usually quiet and enjoying the software. The
> > unhappy are posting new feature requests :-)
> > So let’s keep the balance here – say us what you are using in MLO and
> > what we did right. Your posts in this thread will help us to
> > understand what features are frequently used and implemented the right
> > way.
> > Newbie may get new information from real users about MLO from this
> > thread!
> >
> > P.S. And as always you can say what you want to be improved in other
> > forum threads, feature requests etc.