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Re: extended file name support in msysgit with unicode support Feb 5, 2012 5:53 PM
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James Gregurich <> wrote on 06.02.2012 00:57:18:

> Hi.

> I got your address from Michael Geddes via the git mailing list as
> the primary developer behind unicode file name support on Windows. I
> ran into a problem with msysgit. I'd like to bring it to your
> attention as part of your effort.

> I have a repository with Adobe Indesign SDKs in it that are very
> deeply nested. When I tried to clone this repository on Windows, I
> got an error during the initial checkout of 'master' because the
> path names exceeded MAX_PATH (260 bytes). It appears that on
> Windows, the way to bypass the MAX_PATH limitation is to use the
> unicode versions of the I/O functions and prepend  "\\?\" to the pathname.

> example (CreateFile)…
> us/library/windows/desktop/aa363858(v=vs.85).aspx

> Has your work addressed this issue? If not, how much work would it
> be to add support for extended file paths?

> -James

[Adding cc:msysgit, perhaps someone there is more knowlegeable than me regarding this issue]

While the Unicode version almost exclusively uses wide-char APIs, it also limits all filename conversions to MAX_PATH (260) characters, so no, my work doesn't address the long filename issue.

IMO, to lift the MAX_PATH restriction in Git for Windows would be quite difficult (that's why I didn't even bother when implementing the Unicode stuff):
1.) git almost exclusively uses relative paths, and \\?\ can only be used with absolute paths.
2.) most git core path operations are limited to PATH_MAX characters anyway (259 on MinGW/Windows).

And then of course there is the issue that on some Windows versions, Windows Explorer will simply crash with path names > MAX_PATH.

Perhaps you could restructure your repository so that it uses shorter paths?