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ANNOUNCEMENT: Alpha release Linux/GNU/X ...

Jamie Mazer Nov 26, 1992 2:18 AM
Posted in group: comp.unix.misc
> writes:
> (Will Estes) writes:
> > This is a bit embarrassing to have to point out, but did you realize
> > that Microsoft is selling Windows/NT on CD-ROM for $69?  I mean, is
> > Microsoft's proprietary 32-bit operating system even more free than
> > free GNU UNIX?  :)
> As for your assertion that MS's NT is "more free" than the Linux stuff..

Perhaps I'm loosing track of all this, but I think you're all missing
the meaning of the term "free software". I do believe that several
people (including RMS, if I remember correctly) have frequently pointed
out that the "free" in "free software" w.r.t. to GNU doesn't really mean
that the software is available for no-money-down, but rather, it refers
to the fact that the software is unencumbered (tho, I guess some may
argue over the details of the GPL).

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that you guys are all
arguing about something off the track -- some people will want W/NT
for their boxes, while others will want GNU/Linux. Anyway, the
difference between 70 and 100 bucks is pretty small compared to the
cost of the hardware. The real issue, I think, is that NT and Linux most
likely appeal to different crowds. I'd run Lunix (if I had a 486 box
lying around), but most of the non-computer people in my lab certainly

Hmm, perhaps I shouldn't have gotten involved.. It's been a LONG
time since I posted to an impending flame war..
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