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Caldera Open Linux Announcement

Caldera Information Jun 1, 1996 12:00 AM
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 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and localization added
 to Caldera's product line.

     LINUX KONGRESS, BERLIN, Germany   May 23, 1996   Caldera, Inc. today
announced that it has acquired additional key Linux technologies and
engineers, enabling the company to achieve the X/Open brand for UNIX 95
and other certifications for its next version of the Linux operating
system, Caldera Open Linux, upon which Caldera will base its product
line beginning this Fall. Caldera believes the X/Open brand and other
certifications are the next steps forward in providing the corporate and
government markets with proven Linux technologies and products, which
have gained substantial market share among the Internet and development
communities during the past several years. Caldera also today announced
plans to add LDAP technologies to Caldera's product line.

     "By developing and publishing source code over the
Internet, Caldera and the Linux community are changing the way that an
X/Open branded UNIX 95 operating system is developed and distributed,"
said Bryan Sparks, President and CEO of Caldera, Inc. "Linux technologies
developed by the Internet community have secured market share and
application development that rivals the best of established computer
industry vendors. Caldera development and infrastructure efforts will
now take Linux technologies and products into companies, governments and
other organizations that demand that software undergo rigid standards
testing and certifications."

     Caldera has acquired additional Linux technologies from
Lasermoon of Wickham, England. Lasermoon pioneered Linux's migration
towards X/Open standards and other certifications, and held the necessary
test suites and membership in The Open Group, the leading consortium
for the advancement of open systems. Ian Nandhra, one of Lasermoon's
co-founders, is now Caldera's Director of Product Certification.

     Caldera has also retained the UNIX systems and Linux expertise of
engineers from Linux Support Team (LST) of Erlangen, Germany, who
will spend the next few months integrating technologies from Lasermoon,
Caldera's existing operating system, additional Single UNIX Specification
APIs and Internet technologies, and LST's Linux 2.2 operating system
distribution, including the version 2.0 of the Linux kernel. The resulting
combination of the Linux OS will be called Caldera Open Linux. It will
be POSIX.1 (FIPS 151-2) certified, localized and fully compatible with
Caldera's existing products.

     Caldera Open Linux, scheduled for release in Q3 1996,
will be published freely with full source code via the Internet
to individuals and organizations seeking stable, UNIX systems
solutions. Caldera plans to achieve:  POSIX.1  (FIPS 151-2) in Q3 1996;
XPG4 Base 95 (POSIX.2, FIPS 186) by Q4 1996; and X/Open brand for UNIX
95 based on the Single UNIX Specification (formerly known as SPEC 1170)
during 1997.

     "The Open Group is very pleased that Caldera has chosen
to obtain the X/Open brand for UNIX 95 for its version of the Linux
operating system," said Graham Bird, Director of Branding for the Open
Group.  "Once Caldera Open Linux achieves the X/Open brand, it will be
qualified to bid business in the open systems market the value of which
exceeds $16 billion in procurement of X/Open branded products alone."

     Ransom Love, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for
Caldera, added,"Our customers are pleased with the capabilities of
Caldera's first product, the Caldera Network Desktop, and are now asking
us to provide the X/Open brand, localization, and additional technologies.
Caldera Open Linux will provide this additional functionality and
certification capabilities that no existing Linux OS version can provide."

     Caldera made this announcement from Linux Kongress in
Berlin, Germany, where the core of Linux developers and vendors worldwide
meet each year to discuss accomplishments and future plans for Linux
technologies. At Linux Kongress, Caldera planned to meet with key Linux
developers and vendors to discuss how Caldera can best meet the needs
of the Internet community, Linux developers and enthusiasts, and the
commercial computer industry market all of which are seeking to lower
computing costs while increasing the functionality and availability of
customizable software systems.

     Caldera will collaborate with developers in the Internet
and Linux communities to develop and refine technologies that add specific
functionality that Caldera's customers are requesting.  In addition to
publishing the source code for Caldera Open Linux, Caldera will provide
a significant percentage of net revenues from the product back to the
Internet and Linux communities through funding for future technology

     Caldera is also collaborating with mainstream industry
software vendors (ISVs) who are porting their products to Caldera's
platform. Caldera and its partners are delivering products that provide
Internet and UNIX systems capabilities at commodity pricing.


     Caldera also today announced plans to release Lightweight
Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services and incorporate LDAP into
Caldera's product line this Fall. LDAP creates a standard way for Internet
clients, Web servers and applications to access directory listings of
thousands of Internet users.

     "Caldera supports LDAP as a proposed open standard for
directory services on the Internet," said Sparks. "LDAP will enable
Caldera's customers to access online directory services via the TCP/IP
network protocol."

Caldera Europe

     Currently, Caldera's European business is handled by
LunetIX based in Berlin, Germany. This Fall, Caldera will create Caldera
Europe, comprised of employees from both LunetIX and LST. European
customers and resellers seeking additional information about Caldera
should contact LunetIX in Berlin at telephone number +49-30-623-5787 or
contact Caldera's Provo, Utah-based headquarters.

The Caldera Linux Operating System

     Caldera's mission includes creating the products, alliances,
VAR channel, ISV channel, technical support programs and corporate
accountability necessary for an emerging technology to obtain widespread
implementation in the business environment.  Using Linux technologies,
Caldera has a solid start. Mirai, a Chicago-based consulting company,
polled Webmasters worldwide in 1995 and found that nine percent of
World Wide Web servers were running on the Linux operating system
( This places Linux second only to Sun
technologies as a UNIX systems Web server platform.

     Caldera has created a solid foundation on which third
party developers can successfully design, develop, distribute or employ
services that meet the needs of the expanding market with low product
costs for consumers.

     Caldera, Inc., a privately held company established in
1994, empowers the Internet community, developers, OEMs, channel partners,
ISVs, industry partners, consultants and end- users to collaborate,
innovate, build and deliver meaningful computing alternatives based on
Linux to the business community.  Caldera is at
or (801) 229-1675. For orders and information call (800) 850-7779 in
the United States or (801) 269-7012 Internationally.


Caldera is a registered trademark; and Network Desktop, Caldera Solutions
CD, and Caldera Open Linux are trademarks of Caldera, Inc. UNIX is a
registered trademark, in the United States and other countries, licensed
exclusively through X/Open Company Limited. X/Open is a registered
trademark of X/Open Company Limited.

Caldera Press Contact:

Lyle Ball, Senior Manager, Public Relations, tel: (801) 229-1675 x305

Version: 2.6.2i


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