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Re: Cloud Definitions

Markus Klems Jun 19, 2008 12:39 PM
Posted in group: Cloud Computing
From my experience in discussions with people from the grid community
it does not lead anywhere to discuss about the definition of the cloud
(as they will always tell you that it is only a relabeling of Ian
Fosters original definition of grid computing). A more interesting
approach to discuss the differences between grid and cloud was chosen
by the EGEE grid computing research group at CERN. They compared their
own EGEE grid implementation with the Amazon cloud implementation
EC2+S3 (which from their point of view is the core of the cloud).
You can read the paper here:

The major idea is that the cloud started off b/c it provides
interfaces that developers can easily use with their applications,
such as REST and BitTorrent. Imho this is an important point, since it
allows third party developers to build their own frameworks on top of
the cloud (such as Scalr), as some of my previous speakers already
pointed out. There are some more pros and cons listed in the paper but
I think that usability / API is the most important one (the cloud is a
developer-facing business).

The question about standardization is: what would be the incentive for
Amazon, Google et al. to allow people move away from their cloud. As I
understand it, they want to create a vendor lock-in situation. But
perhaps we will see initiatives like in the social network world with
OpenSocial and Facebook Open Platform.

- Markus