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Software design contest #2

Boris Houndleroy Feb 13, 2009 9:33 AM
Posted in group: BeagleBoard
Congratulations again to Antti Seppanen for his BeagleBot[1] and Diego
Dompe for his support of usbtty in the Beagle u-boot[2] on winning
Beagle Board Rev C boards in the last software design contest.

We were a bit slow setting the dates for this contest with the hope of
getting some entries with 3D graphics enabled.  Koen, a frequent
contributor to and maintainer of the Angstrom
Distribution that includes Beagle Board support, has given us a demo
to show that this is now possible for community members.  In his
demonstration, he's running OGRE3D, an open source graphics engine,
with Wiimote control and projection on his ceiling with the TI Pico
Projector development kit.[3]

As one of the contest judges, Koen isn't eligible for the contest, but
you can build upon his work by utilizing the information provided on
the Beagle mailing list for configuring the SGX drivers
that are now available from TI for download.[4]

The contest details are at[5].
To try to keep us on track of a contest per month, submissions must be
complete, with all instructions and software, by Friday, February
27th.  Good luck!