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Reply to Nicky Skye and CO.

His Holiness Sakya Trizin Oct 25, 1999 12:00 AM
Posted in group: alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan
This is a reply and clarification to all the people who have read and
contributed to the discussion thread that has been going on for the last
few months on this message board. It was very perturbing for me to come
to know and to read such fabricated and malicious stories about His
Holiness Sakya Trizin who is not only my root guru and but also the one
whom I have a very precious opportunity to serve as a secretary, is
circulated on the Internet. It is indeed very sad to learn that instead
of using this very good means of communication for better and speedier
exchange of good and fruitful views on Dharma, some people are using it
for harmful purposes and generation of bad karma.

It was shocking to learn that someone has accused His Holiness of such an
unthinkable act. Many of us who know His Holiness will not only be deeply
shocked but also be highly overwhelmed with the atrociousness of this
preposterous accusation.

 I feel pity and compassion for Nicky Skye if she is mentally unstable.
There are many who are that way and dream up various fantastic stories
and live in them. If she is one of them then we must not take these
allegations seriously and feel pity for her and have compassion for her.
I have myself met many people like her during my tenure as a secretary
here. A lot of people who have unstable mind are recommended for His
Holiness' advice and help by many high lamas, both foreigners and Indians

But, if she is in the correct frame of mind, then I must indeed warn her
of the bad karma generated by the malicious and false accusations that
she has made and publicized. She must be aware that this false allegation
would not only hurt the feelings and belief of many sincere followers of
His Holiness and Dharma but also dishearten the master whose compassion
has been boundless and efforts for Dharma beyond human comprehension.

This is probably why I have decided not to present these discussions to
His Holiness after I came to know of it through Ngawang Geleg as it would
not only disturb him a great deal but also dishearten him from his Dharma
work. So I would deem it best if this rumor and false allegation stops
after this message. In fact there would be no more need to hover over
this matter then when truth is told.

It will be very easy to refute the false charge that Nicky Skye has made.
But before it all, I would very much like to ask how people like Evelyn
Ruut who do not even know His Holiness, have reached a conclusion that
Nicky Skye is telling the truth? By talking over the phone with her? And
because it was a woman-to-woman conversation!!!!

Madam, it is often easy to believe things as they seem and are told,
though the truth may be miles away. It is very important for a person who
reaches a decision that before doing so and saying that it is true one
should check it out with the other person too and also look on one's own
before making a judgment and publishing it. Every man should have a
chance to defend himself. Do you know Nicky Skye and Mary Finnigan
personally? Have you checked their antecedents? Are they both people with
reliable characters? How do these two people know each other? How do we
know that they are not conspirators trying not only to dent the image of
His Holiness but also Dharma in general? In fact, how is news reader to
believe that all three of you are party to the same plot unless they are
so gullible as you?

In fact, I am posting this message only because it is people like Evelyn
whom I am very worried about. It is gullible people like her who are
aimed at when such vicious allegations are circulated. And it is they who
then pass it on to large number of people believing it to be true.
Otherwise as in this case, for those of us who hold His Holiness as our
root guru and know him very well, this is just a ludicrous story from a
woman with unstable mind or evil intent to which we would turn a blind

I will not make any mention or reference to other allegation made in the
message towards other lamas, as they are no business of mine. They do not
by or large matter much to me. I will write only thing that I know and
know well enough to be true.

If we read very well from the very first letter s posted by her or her
friend Mary, from it itself we can very much learn that either she is
psychologically unstable or is telling us a very badly construed tale.

·        The first thing I would like to make clear is that I have been
private secretary to His Holiness Sakya Trizin for almost the last three

·        During these years, I have never ever heard of or seen either
Nicky Skye or Mary Finnigan.

·        I haven't even heard their names mentioned by anyone in our circle
of people or other Dharma fellows.

·        There are no apartments or whatsoever near the Phodrang where the
accuser Nicky Skye purports that this incident took place.

·        The nearest place where a disciple of His Holiness could lodge is
some rooms at the Sai Temple, which is adjacent to the Sakya Center and a
place called Krishna Lodge, which is on the opposite direction.

·        We have only one guest room at the Palace and in all the adjacent
three rooms attendants of His Holiness live.

·        Moreover, if anyone who has been to and has stayed at His Holiness
residence would surely know that it is five o' clock in the morning when
His Holiness goes for his usual five or six rounds of the palace (after
which he has his breakfast) and not 9 o' Clock as Nicky says in her
allegation (and that too if the weather is good).

·        And if anyone visits us at Rajpur, it would become very evident
that His Holiness has absolutely no time during the days when he is here
at the palace that someone could privately study and meditate with him as
Nicky says she has done.

·        In fact, even those of us who life with him hardly have a few
moments with him each day as his prayers, meditation, daily audience from
10 - 12 a. m. and other religious duties take up so much of his time.

·        It would also be very pleasant to note that only time His Holiness
goes out of the palace is when he goes to the Sakya Center to attend
ceremonies or when is on a tour or visit to other cities or towns. Once
in a blue moon he goes to the market to shop.

·        And incidentally, it is around nine o'clock in the morning that
His Holiness almost finishes his morning session of prayers and
meditation and prepares to come down from his shrine room to the audience
room to grant audience to devotees.

·        For a clever person, it is very obvious from the beginning that
her story is based on and is meant to grow on various other stories and
rumors that are floating in the Dharma world (whether they are true or

·        The message makes many references to other lamas or lama with whom
she says she has had negative experiences and abusive relationship. It is
and would be very silly of her if she wants us to believe that we are so
gullible that we will believe that she is so innocent or stupid that
after all the sadness she says she experienced with other lamas or lama,
she will again jumps into the same pit.

·         Again, it would be very big hearted of her when she purports that
what some lamas to have done to her were nothing and it was what she says
His Holiness did that destroyed her faith in Dharma.

·        And finally, how are we to believe that after all this we have to
believe that she returned to Rajpur for the next four years!!!

Indeed it would either require gullible people like Evelyn to believe
everything a fellow woman in the same age group to tells her or a very
very stupid person.

At the end, I sincerely urge all Dharma brothers and sisters to turn a
blind eye to these allegation or even better advise and discourage these
people so that this thing ends. If any more clarification is needed do
email me. I am at

Tsering Wangyal

25th October, 99