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PDF417 barcode does not display when pushing asp.net site to production server Doug Hamilton 6/8/17
how to make zxing's source code can be debug in android studio? Lu Luo 6/5/17
QR Code NotFoundException on text containing "==" Dimitry 6/4/17
browser history Said Si Kaddour 5/27/17
Unable to render Data Matrix barcode kumar pothula 5/23/17
qrcode can not readed Zheng Luo 5/18/17
How to scan continuously using Intents calling Zxing App and get all the results back? JordiPV 5/16/17
Browser not works with file URI's mgrony 5/16/17
Zxing ViewFinderView view updates,but scanning area not updated on Nexus 5X Ramprasad Ranganathan 5/15/17
Website http://zxing.org will be shutdown? Allan Costa 5/15/17
Document MaxiCode Support Better? Elliott Beach 5/15/17
who have the ZXing QR code detection logic and decode logic(or flow chart in more detail)? Lu Luo 5/12/17
Need to generate this Barcode (see attached) John Geshrick 5/10/17
help me with validation Barcode 128 zaratustra 5/10/17
Decode PDF 417 from command line for PHP integration Bruce Pettyjohn 4/26/17
Any suggestions how to modify code? Hong Zhang 4/26/17
Documentation HybridBinarizer M. Mambl 4/23/17
Unable to compile decoderesult.jspx Deniz Onur Duzgun 4/21/17
How to decode scanned barcode? vidya jejurkar 4/21/17
how to build zxing under visual studio 2015 leo tang 4/20/17
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