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Encoding QR codes demiurge 2/5/18
ZXing 3.3.2 released Sean Owen 1/30/18
zxing jigsaw modules package name conflict daniel ritter 1/30/18
A bad case,hard to be decode dodo la 1/29/18
porting ZXing to Squeak, failing AZTEC_DATA_10 test Rob Withers 1/27/18
why is mine QR code can not be read? ziming zhong 1/24/18
Bad performance in decoding of 128 barcodes Dmitrii Komiakov 1/16/18
please help me to identify this code benzwt benzwt 1/10/18
Which Smartphone attributes make for a better barcode scanner Control Point 1/10/18
Sometimes pop out decoded string from nothing by webcam Ricky 1/10/18
Why QRCode in my tiff file are not recognized? Gianluca Colla 1/3/18
The QR code on printed receipts has a low recognition rate ming lu 12/25/17
Missing copyright notice in an Android application developed by a large French company Fabrice Salvaire 12/25/17
Scan speed Макс Литучий 12/25/17
Zxing Cannot Decode QR Codes It Creates Cali Ente 12/22/17
Could you kindly help to add EAN-14 barcode 董阳 12/19/17
Problem in converting image to BinaryBitmap.. Abdul Shaikh 12/15/17
Issue 183 in zxing: Enhancement: find multiple barcode into an image codesite...@google.com 12/13/17
Tapping screen for scanning Olivier De Groef 11/28/17
Request for License Condition Point Mobile Tech Support 11/27/17
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