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Issue 538 in zxing: Barcode scanner does not recognize CODABAR format barcode used for library card zx...@googlecode.com 10/19/15
Why do people want to save an image of a barcode? Sean Owen 10/15/15
how can i create qr code from 5 editTexts in android Cyprian Kabia 10/15/15
how to save the generated qr code into gallery android Cyprian Kabia 10/14/15
Barcode detection finally built in to Android Sean Owen 10/12/15
Obtaining Required information from Scanned QR code Sadir Omer 10/11/15
QRCode in actual scene is not well supported in zxing . Su Qiyang 10/10/15
Using ZXing Stefan Haselwanter 10/9/15
Online decoder down Jas 10/1/15
Re: Upload files to XZing QR Decoder Sean Owen 9/24/15
MSI patch meiremans 9/23/15
https://zxing.appspot.com/generator is currently down ? gjs 9/23/15
change barcode scanner app locales when starting intent Florin Onciu 9/23/15
Re: Barcode Scanner Application Compatibility with Android M Sean Owen 9/18/15
Camera preview isn't on entire screen after onResume (Nexus 7 2013) Sebastian Samolej 9/17/15
Building BarcodeScanner app error 楊文齊 9/15/15
How to build?! New to android apps Braden Katzman 9/12/15
Problems with displaying QR Code on Lattice LED screen Valar Morghulis 9/11/15
Apple ZS 9/10/15
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