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Can we get a DataMatrixMultiReader? Jeffrey Liu 3/29/17
Why is PDF 417 still in beta? Scott 3/27/17
Re: [zxing] Industrial 2 of 5 Lachezar Dobrev 3/27/17
Different results for 2 almost same images Yang 3/24/17
Command line support for '--try-harder' flag Antonio Neto 3/23/17
QR detection behind glass or with reflections Philipp Kursawe 3/22/17
PDF417 using jquery and javascript Ariel Obejero 3/17/17
improving accuracy on zxing Pat_Cork 3/16/17
Will minimize the quite zone lower the decode rate of the qr code? 齐士垚 3/14/17
start parameter for Barcode Scanner Alex 3/14/17
How to use dpi as input to Writers/Encoders? Zorawar B. 3/13/17
Codes 128 and 39 not being read Yamil García Hernández 3/13/17
code128 and pdf417 recognition_need help! Джамиля Юмагужина 3/13/17
DataMatrixWriter/ECC200 and ReedSolomonEncoder Zorawar B. 3/13/17
Best practice for choosing DataMatrix size? Rabid Mutant 3/13/17
Problem in detecting a barcode Chad Chad 3/9/17
Can't scan code-128 format as Android Intent Mariano Cano 3/2/17
Is there a way to store the captured QR code as an image Maulik G 2/26/17
Installation Guide Windows Desktop or Laptop Ken Pascual 2/23/17
CommandLineEncoder returns Unknown option error Ethan 2/23/17
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