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Pdf417 reader with encrypted barcodes Stuart 8/11/17
Improving Zxing by Zoom pl qa 8/11/17
Decoding a QR 8-bit grayscale image directly on Android gmmo 8/7/17
Multiple Barcode scan at the same time Kshitiz Mohini 7/27/17
Apk release with research url already set ServerPrinterGTT ServerPrinterGTT 7/20/17
decoding QR code string V Chidambaram 7/15/17
Code 128 randomly produces extra chars at the end James Wolfe 7/13/17
Unable to decode qr code from picture Marcin Acewicz 7/13/17
Which compiler/ide is used for compiling the source code of zxing Jacky Lam 7/13/17
Issue 1624 in zxing: barcode scanner app crashes on Elsse 4.3" tablet on start zx...@googlecode.com 6/28/17
ITF-14 Reader Kev 6/27/17
Adoption of SPIN Code Format Alexander Bello 6/22/17
When we read the source code of ZXing QR code, which specification to choose, or the 2006 spec? Lu Luo 6/15/17
Unable to encode aztec code correctly. Omkar Amberkar 6/14/17
UWP ZXing Scanner stops working after App window is minimized Mike12 6/13/17
I want to know "native_autoFocus" within auto-focus function(see my attachment),who can help me? Lu Luo 6/13/17
PDF417 barcode does not display when pushing asp.net site to production server Doug Hamilton 6/8/17
how to make zxing's source code can be debug in android studio? Lu Luo 6/5/17
QR Code NotFoundException on text containing "==" Dimitry 6/4/17
browser history Said Si Kaddour 5/27/17
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