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Decode PDF 417 from command line for PHP integration Bruce Pettyjohn 4/26/17
Any suggestions how to modify code? Hong Zhang 4/26/17
Documentation HybridBinarizer M. Mambl 4/23/17
Unable to compile decoderesult.jspx Deniz Onur Duzgun 4/21/17
How to decode scanned barcode? vidya jejurkar 4/21/17
how to build zxing under visual studio 2015 leo tang 4/20/17
Formularios MecardvsVcard QR Oskr Murs 4/20/17
Automated testing Can Yildiz 4/18/17
DataMatrix code sampling 于星星 4/13/17
Retiring the Google Glass and the ZXing Test app Sean Owen 4/13/17
PDF417 raw bytes always null ELR 4/13/17
decode barcode error in a long distance 杜明伟 4/10/17
ZXing use of cryptography - US Exports law Bruno Martins 4/7/17
Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Bas Vijfwinkel 4/6/17
Verify product online vidya jejurkar 4/5/17
i recently used 'barcode scanner' on android to scan a pdf417 on a patient wristband. miken99999 4/5/17
Multiple Text in Multiple Row I want its QR Code Font syed adnan 4/4/17
How to use com.google.zxing.client.j2se.CommandLineRunner with only _part_ of an image? User 3/31/17
Guidance for creating scannable docs with QR codes Logan Hope 3/31/17
How to use ZXING with XAML and Prism in Xamarin forms? Nick Smith 3/31/17
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