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Best practices for zxing Intent conflicts David Thomson 6/3/16
Code 128 not being detected Abdeali Kothari 5/30/16
For commercial Use hitesh vikani 5/30/16
Will I have any license trouble if my commercial App use ZXing App by startActivity() with Intent? 王宥程 5/27/16
Re: About your license Apache 2.0 Sean Owen 5/26/16
Apache Licensing for modified code johndale alfred julian 5/26/16
How to prevent from right to left sliding popup window from occuring in process of scanning (Intent) Janne Kalliokulju 5/26/16
ZXingScannerFragment with Android.OS namespace Bin Wang 5/16/16
Where do I download the ZXing library to add to my Android app? Ben Hutchinson 5/15/16
ITF-12 checkdigit? Multi-block Alroger Jr 5/11/16
why no commercial developer license Daisy Lassie 5/2/16
Zxing Android How to scan a QR Code Muhammad Babar 5/2/16
Decoding QRCode with custom encoding? Roy Tam 5/1/16
Scan Image of QR code in Android Phone Sadir Omer 4/25/16
Does QR code support Text Formatting? entrepreneur pankti 4/25/16
Any Way to Immediately Re-Scan? KrisAK 4/25/16
How to decode byte array using C++ source code hico 4/25/16
Importing the core in gradle in Android Studio prohibits me from editing the source code johndale alfred julian 4/22/16
Are the "pre-built" jars compatible with java 1.6? daniel hilsT 4/18/16
PDF417 beta Status Paola S. 4/17/16
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