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Copyright question Lucy D. 3/28/15
Why the dimension is 17 hao wang 3/26/15
Zxing_cpp_rb cant read vertical barcode. Alex Shipulin 3/22/15
Camera changes on power button press Nathan Wolfe 3/20/15
Generating QR Codes -- why do sizes jump? fbs419 3/7/15
Generate Chinese Character Barcode Daniel Jao 3/5/15
Generating PDF417 running on Java 1.6 Mike Aymard 3/4/15
ASP.NET Webforms - Barcode Scan without redirecting page. Rodrigo Necho 3/3/15
Using Data Matrix or QR Code to encode/decode JSON in consideration of scan performance Tobias Jamin 3/3/15
Issue 1845 in zxing: scanning barcode from web application zx...@googlecode.com 2/26/15
Zxing.net on web browser Net Net3 2/26/15
Include Scan in my page Rodrigo Necho 2/25/15
Issue 1699 in zxing: C++ port of qrcode encoding zx...@googlecode.com 2/24/15
Core test failures in EncoderTest Trudi 2/23/15
Re: Issue 589 in zxing: Want to configure 802.1X base station by QR code zx...@googlecode.com 2/23/15
Issue 382 in zxing: QRCode for binaries data. zx...@googlecode.com 2/19/15
Micro QR Codes Marvin Dettmar 2/18/15
Issue 1846 in zxing: Enter one-line summary zx...@googlecode.com 2/17/15
How is the threshold calculated for image binarisation? Jaskirat Singh 2/16/15
ZXing 3.2.0 / Barcode Scanner 4.7.3 released Sean Owen 2/15/15
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