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How to build zxing and core with maven Harley Seixas 5/26/15
QR Code URL with query parameter Rene Schakmann 5/25/15
finding 1 particular barcode test case interesting chance 5/25/15
In the debug mode, the camera repeat black screen with red line in the middle Gonzalo Ordenes 5/24/15
Is there any option to use my own button in capture layout? Anton Kogan 5/24/15
QRCode reader not work in Unity BaO 5/22/15
Test a bar code image, but not get correct result. Neo Chu 5/20/15
How can a new Barcode be integrated? kddb 5/18/15
MSI patch meiremans 5/18/15
Detecting & decoding QR-codes on curved surfaces Chris Pudney 5/13/15
could not read datamatrix code Sascha4j 5/13/15
Using Zxing libs Barcode all sacnner only in landscope mode . How to change to portrait mode farooq md 5/12/15
I'm using Zxing library for barcode and QR reader in adobe flex farooq md 5/12/15
Any plans to replace obsolete Android classes? Peter Taps 5/12/15
Unable to build version 3.2 Peter Taps 5/12/15
How to display Capture Activity in Portrait mode? Umar 5/11/15
Native app doeesn't work on samsung tablet jim patt 5/7/15
archive of ZXing project hosting on google code? Hongjoo Lee 5/6/15
Creating colored QR Codes and NotFoundException while decoding a colored decoded QRCode image Rakshit Ashtekar 5/5/15
Code128 - Code set identification? Green72 4/30/15
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