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Native Oracle driver for Erlang as opposed to ODBC Bikram 2/6/13
refrence a function from a record field Lars Hesel 10/22/12
Meetup 2012-08-08: Leex - Yecc and a practical application to SQL, the query language to be beaten Lars Hesel 8/2/12
Article related to the Erlang vs. Clojure talk: The Trouble with Erlang (or Erlang is a ghetto) Thomas G. Kristensen 7/4/12
Erlang processes in node pool Bikram 6/10/12
Meetup 2012-06-06: Clojure and Erlang (apples and oranges -- they both taste good) Lars Hesel 6/6/12
ideas for talks Lars Hesel 5/13/12
Yecc Bikram 5/12/12