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Don't modify timestamp for compressed files Bajza Ferenc 2/11/17
Proposal: prefix email subject with [yuicompressor] Jenny Donnelly 9/4/16
Version 2.4.8: "java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: instance" exception when minifying JS files M B 6/15/16
Version 2.4.8: Merge failing with multiple files Martijn Hiemstra 2/1/16
Yuicompresor Linux Problem Javier Otero 7/16/15
Reduzir http://www.cuidadoscompelebelabetania.com.br/.../style.css?... pouparia 6.8 KiB (19% de redu Hellena Silva 1/12/15
ativar compactação Hellena Silva 11/20/14
Ativar compactação Hellena Silva 11/20/14
Otimizar este conteúdo Hellena Silva 11/20/14
Likelihood of a new release? Brent Northam 11/14/14
Minify less CSS Joey Smith 11/14/14
Using MVC Razor with Javascript. Rudy Hinojosa 11/1/14
compression of included js Nikhil Bhartiya 10/31/14
Share your CSS - the hairier, the better! Joey Smith 9/19/14
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to compress a JavaScript file. Daniel Anechitoaie 1/23/14
YUICompressor now using GH "Releases" Joey Smith 8/2/13
Proposal: merge PR95 Joey Smith 7/2/13
Proposal: Merge PR93 - fix for old MSIE filters in CSS Joey Smith 7/2/13
Proposal: Merge PR88 Joey Smith 6/11/13
yuicompressor-2.4.8.jar seems to be truncated Anton Yuzhaninov 5/31/13
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