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Looking for a NJ young makers club? Janet Gerber 4/10/14
Looking for Maker Instructor or Enthusiast in Central Massachsuetts 3/17/14
I am looking to start a Young Makers Club in Springfield MA, along with holding a Mini Makerfaire. Carole Singh 3/13/14
Young Maker Mentoring Sessions: office hours! Stephanie Chang 3/3/14
Young Makers Managing Supplies: Mentoring Session Boerne Young Makers 2/26/14
Registering as an affiliate club James Stockdale 2/19/14
San Francisco East Bay YM Info. Session 1/25 @ LHS? Valerie Freitas 1/23/14
COURSE OFFERING: FUNdamentals of Engineering with LEGO - San Francisco Kate Stolarczyk 1/17/14
Young Maker's events in SF jim al 1/10/14
Is there an info session still at the Exploratorium this Thursday, January 9? Anne Marie Guglielmo 1/10/14
Is your school interested in an online collaboration? YS 12/19/13
Maker's Space in Second Grade Classroom Mary Lisa Harper 12/10/13
Looking for a maker instructor in NYC area Sheila Lopez 10/31/13
Young Maker CamDAX needs your help Cameron DAX 3/20/13
Fwd: Job that your staff or community might be interested in Tony DeRose 3/19/13
need volunteer to teach programming to high school kids interested in developing mobile phone applications Michael Shiloh 2/23/13
Fwd: Young Coders at PyCon Michael Shiloh 2/6/13
Sources for EV batteries and chargers? Stephanie Chang 2/4/13
help finding motor system Chris King 2/3/13
what is the main meaning of mathematics of planet earth Rohit Karotia 12/24/12
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