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errors from the maven xtend compiler 2.8 Lorenzo Bettini 2/28/15
Compilation error : Changing Depricated @Data in package "org.eclipse.xtend.lib" to "org.eclipse.xtend.lib.annotations.Data" - Xtend 2.7.2 srim...@gmail.com 2/26/15
Compilation Error: "Problem while loading annotation processor: Problem during instantiation of .." lum...@gmail.com 2/26/15
What is the best way to filter a collections without writing loop Hemal Bavishi 2/23/15
Public constructor parameters Toby Kurien 2/23/15
bug about copy field of type HashMap from one class to another Nguyen Viet Hoa 2/23/15
[IDE] Automatically insert at correct position: braces/semicolon Keray 2/22/15
List/map literals on interfaces Vlad Dumitrescu 2/20/15
Xtend in a bndtools project ro6 2/19/15
Strange type mismatch error when using standalone compiler c.j.h...@gmail.com 2/19/15
modify the code generated from def create method Nguyen Viet Hoa 2/19/15
Java 7 compile errors in Eclipse when updating from Gradle Xtend plugin version 0.3.6 to 0.4.2 denis....@gmail.com 2/18/15
IterableExtensions error Ernesto Posse 2/18/15
Reflection syntax lum...@gmail.com 2/18/15
@Accessors setter return type and value RK 2/18/15
Adding an Enum with an Active Annotation -has a strange behavior Tobse 2/17/15
Xtendroid v0.11.0 released Toby Kurien 2/17/15
Inferred return types in create methods Ernesto Posse 2/12/15
Standalone Compiler Syntax Error on Nested Template Strings denis....@gmail.com 2/11/15
can java calls xtend class? Wenbin Wang 2/5/15
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