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Get/Set enum value on annotation with nested enumeration chrs wk 12:20 AM
add generics support to Builder annotation kai modrzok 2/9/16
Previous element in EList within template expressions postb...@gmail.com 2/8/16
extend interface with interface vinod john 2/8/16
Xtend / Xtext on Android Studio 2 Preview 6: a hopefully small installation issue Al Jannico 2/7/16
Downloading lib jars Vlad Dumitrescu 2/6/16
Cannot move method body, if type arguments are involved: "Cannot make a static reference to the non-static type T" stefan...@gmx.de 2/5/16
Automatic static imports Toby Kurien 2/5/16
For the love of humanity, syntax highlighting dustContributor 2/5/16
EclipseChe and Orion support Micael Pedrosa 1/29/16
xtend nested scopes Manav Brar 1/20/16
null pointer error Manav Brar 1/20/16
DSL example project integration with maven Aditya Agrawal 1/20/16
Testing active annotations / real vs test compilation Norbert Sándor 1/10/16
cannot be resolved to a type xybrek 1/9/16
Enumerations Alessandro Carraro 1/9/16
Difference between Gradle and Eclipse? roland.sp...@gmail.com 1/8/16
New Xtend Gradle Plugin Stefan Oehme 1/7/16
Bug in generic conversion of list to array? Niels Kildeskov 1/7/16
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