Xtend Programming Language

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For the love of humanity, syntax highlighting dustContributor 11/28/15
Xtendroid in Android Studio 2 Toby Kurien 11/24/15
Merging Xtext code blocks into Xtend Christian Vogel 11/24/15
[Announcement] XtendFlow – example of an internal DSL realized with Xtend Denis Kuniß 11/22/15
Testing active annotations Jesper Eskilson 11/21/15
auto (un)boxing methods to functions and procedures Christian Vogel 11/19/15
User-customizable active annotations Jesper Eskilson 11/19/15
Xtend 2.9 RC Sven Efftinge 11/17/15
Experimental or private extensions to Xtend. Paul Jurczak 11/15/15
How to set generic type in active annotations? Christian Vogel 11/12/15
AA target class insert new field Typhoon Storm 11/10/15
xtend-ioc Norbert Sándor 11/6/15
Method Handle reference? Mark Derricutt 11/6/15
missing refactoring compared to eclipse defaults Manav Brar 11/5/15
Resolved declared fields of a TypeReference Norbert Sándor 10/30/15
Xtend vs. Kotlin Sven Efftinge 10/27/15
Subscript Operator Overloading x[..,..] jov...@gmail.com 10/23/15
ActiveAnnotations writing in other models Alessandro Carraro 10/22/15
Enumerating CompilationUnits in an annotation processor Norbert Sándor 10/15/15
xtext 2.9.0 beta : Problem with the new Maven project wizard Yariv Amar 10/14/15
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