Xtend Programming Language

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Old Xtend video Alessandro Carraro 1/21/17
Code generation with Xtend Hemal Bavishi 1/18/17
Autoboxing/unboxing Marcio Alves 1/13/17
Using external generators (ebean finder-generator) Micael Pedrosa 1/10/17
Xtend JSON example Hemal Bavishi 1/10/17
Formatting generated Java code Ernesto Posse 1/7/17
Java Annotation Processing and Xtend chrs wk 12/1/16
Xtend 2.11 realease date? Marcio Alves 11/30/16
Xtend in IntelliJ IDEA not generate file in src-gen Nejc Galof 11/22/16
Compilation Error: "Problem while loading annotation processor: Problem during instantiation of .." lum...@gmail.com 11/12/16
Empty packages using Xtend and Maven postb...@gmail.com 11/8/16
xtendbin files januar...@googlemail.com 11/8/16
Debug Xtend in Eclipse januar...@googlemail.com 11/7/16
Compiler feature request Micael Pedrosa 10/28/16
Migration from OAW 4.3.1 to Xtend panitz....@gmail.com 10/28/16
I made a PR to xtext-lib dustContributor 10/24/16
Casting a lambda explicitely daniel...@gmail.com 10/19/16
Using Xtend-Android Gradle plugin and LibGDX-generated Gradle build file Wutipong Wongsakuldej 10/19/16
[Xtend Programming Language] conditional save navigation Mike Rumpf 10/16/16
Replace WrappedPrimitiveArray with Guava's primitive lists dustContributor 10/2/16
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