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Getting Xcaches issues while navigating on internet alexandre caya 8/19/15
Can one disable xcache for one folder only? Nick Harvey 8/7/15
XCache in Windows 2012 IIS 8 64Bit Frank 7/21/15
Is list of PHP files in Xcache Admin Complete? Damon 7/14/15
need help ,xcache enabled but not status is disableed jianfeng lee 7/10/15
couldn't setup xcache by php-fpm config NT Man 6/30/15
Magic constants (__DIR__) problem Peter Thomassen 6/26/15
xcache glitches on livestreet Алексей Ваганович 5/1/15
Re: [XCache] Re: XCache 3.20 not working after PHP 5.4 and IonCube 5.4 installed Xuefer[mOo] 4/30/15
How to completely disable or completely enable)) XCache Coverager Module Сергій Кисіль 4/20/15
Please HELP! Xcache admin panel showing only cached files of admin directory Boryslav Boronylo 3/18/15
Size of cached entries Vasilis Lourdas 12/29/14
need testing for object caching Xuefer[mOo] 11/13/14
No input file specified No Spam please 11/12/14
XCache and CLI Robert Hafner 11/6/14
xcache_set issue with array of objects (segfault) Remi 11/4/14
Unexpected allocation and updating pattern mcmlxxii 10/23/14
xcache.var_ttl Dhillon 10/10/14
Security in multi-pool FPM environment Davis 10/1/14
mmap_path in tmpfs martin fuxa 9/30/14
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