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XCache Resetting Gene Steinberg 8/1/14
Number of Processor Cores Gene Steinberg 7/31/14
Can one disable xcache for one folder only? Nick Harvey 7/14/14
xcache.var_size problem and unstable cache Lalit Kumar 6/27/14
Shell script and Xcache Edrard A 6/24/14
Tuning Xcache memory size Antonio Gallo 6/10/14
XCACHE releases - what comes next :-) No Spam please 6/10/14
XCache 3.1.0 causes 502 Bad gateway error Steve Zhao 6/10/14
Missing Documentation Keith Davis 6/10/14
Distributed xcache server jose miguel colmena 6/10/14
Xcache using request_time instead of method call time? thrgl 6/10/14
Xcache on server with interworx CP Alex Et Cie 5/16/14
xcache_get(): XCache var cache was not initialized properly. Check php log for actual reason Lau Jack 5/9/14
How to clear xcache from php or capistrano or shell command? RR 4/21/14
XCache on OS X Mavericks Eduard Štůla 2/24/14
xcache3.1.0 also not support php-cli Leven Pan 2/21/14
Turn on Optimizer Ricardo Sangion 2/3/14
xcache not yet too optimized for PHP 5.4 (with regards to memory usage)? Vasilis Lourdas 1/14/14
admin page password Damiano Noventa 1/6/14
XCache along with eboostr... No Spam please 12/13/13
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