The wxPython-users group is for users of the wxPython toolkit to discuss how to use the library and to assist each other with questions.  You can receive messages, and post your own messages from/to this list either through this web interface or via email.  If you would like to send sample source code along with your questions (please do!) please ATTACH the code to the message instead of just pasting the code into your message.  That will prevent the lines from being mangled and will make it easier for people to help you.  See also: MakingSampleApps.

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'invalid item index in GetItemState' in ultimatelistctrl Bertrand Roessli 12/9/16
2.9.4 import issue with libwx_gtk2u_xrc-2.9.so.4 wxpyjoshtron 12/7/16
Problem with freezing wxpython application under Ubuntu 16.04 Kondal Purma 12/7/16
Migrating to wxPython- and Python3 Rich Shepard 12/5/16
Anyone want to add automatic app updates to wxPython with me? Wasi Khan 12/5/16
Toolbar Radio Button Nick D. 12/5/16
EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED triggers chain of RuntimeError: wrapped c/c++ object of type <myTreeClass> has been deleted Blue Flash 12/4/16
I think wxpython has officially killed my app... :( t gillespie 11/30/16
Decoration in TreeCtrl Michael Eager 11/29/16
FileDropTarget TypeError in Phoenix mike 11/28/16
Problems using SetDropTarget Claudia Frank 11/26/16
Opinion on new library Jack Burridge 11/25/16
Python 3.5, wxPython Phoenix and py2exe Boštjan Mejak 11/21/16
Separate instances from multiple button click robert....@gmail.com 11/21/16
Vertically center text in a wx.TextCtrl widget Alex 11/17/16
The result data in the seconde frame(panel) doesn't appear exactly Hari Coder 11/16/16
Multiple GUIs from a central one robert....@gmail.com 11/16/16
SetLayoutDirection Doesn't Work On Mac tsmorton 11/15/16
Function to check if a folder is open in Windows 7 Explorer R. Miranda 11/15/16
Dialog size to fit controls size Ilan Hindy 11/10/16
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