The wxPython-users group is for users of the wxPython toolkit to discuss how to use the library and to assist each other with questions.  You can receive messages, and post your own messages from/to this list either through this web interface or via email.  If you would like to send sample source code along with your questions (please do!) please ATTACH the code to the message instead of just pasting the code into your message.  That will prevent the lines from being mangled and will make it easier for people to help you.  See also: MakingSampleApps.

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strange behaviour with EVT_KILL_FOCUS and wx.MessageBox Leon 11:31 AM
gestaltSystemVersion Neil Thornock 6:24 AM
pdfviewer exceptions if no file loaded luvspython 8/26/16
Grid.AutoSizeColumns not working inside a notebook? Marcos del Amo 8/24/16
How to embed MatPlotLib in wxPython classic Umar Yusuf 8/24/16
My own wxPython Cookbook Mike Driscoll 8/23/16
wx.dataview EVT_DATAVIEW_ITEM_CONTEXT_MENU GetPosition always returns (-1, -1) Adit Panchal 8/18/16
Newbie layout problem. Xuan Hu 8/18/16
wx.SpinCtrlDouble SetValue() processes an event (it is not supposed to do so) Damien Ruiz 8/17/16
accessing a field from an imported class liamd...@gmail.com 8/15/16
Hiding mouse cursor in linux touchscreen app? rtk 8/13/16
Propgrid: Iterator and event handler just returns objects of type wx.propgrid.PGProperty, not my custom property type John S 8/10/16
MDI Application with wxPython and Splash Screen 2lost4u 8/8/16
black border around bitmapbuttons notk...@gmail.com 8/5/16
Object has no attribute 'Color', after Debian update beppe 8/4/16
3.0.3 ? Martin Landa 8/3/16
Using Custom ArtProvider Noah 8/2/16
Custom ArtProvider Noah 8/2/16
frame.Raise() and py2app not playing well together David 8/2/16
Fedora packages for Phoenix in Copr Scott Talbert 7/31/16
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