The wxPython-users group is for users of the wxPython toolkit to discuss how to use the library and to assist each other with questions.  You can receive messages, and post your own messages from/to this list either through this web interface or via email.  If you would like to send sample source code along with your questions (please do!) please ATTACH the code to the message instead of just pasting the code into your message.  That will prevent the lines from being mangled and will make it easier for people to help you.  See also: MakingSampleApps.

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Styled Text Control and EOL on windows. Hubert Mayr 6/27/16
wx.FileDialog for open file cannot be resizable by user Emre Yükselen 6/27/16
wxPython_Phoenix-3.0.3.dev2066+8a633f1-cp34-cp34m-win32.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform dharmjit singh 6/27/16
Code Editor Mario Lacunza 6/26/16
Change app url in wxPythonPit for Applications in the wxPyWiki Mr&Mrs D 6/25/16
wx python 3.0.2 classic: C++ assertion "hWnd" failed at .. in wxWindow::SetFocus(): can't set focus to invalid window Mr&Mrs D 6/24/16
RichTextFormattingDialog Implemented? Calvin Kalbach 6/23/16
AGW.AUI error when docking panes. Max Landaeus 6/22/16
exit app with splashscreen not working Neil Thornock 6/21/16
In praise of ObjectListView Alex Hall 6/21/16
Button.SetBitmapMarigns not working when button is expanded Matt Kimberling 6/19/16
Google index to Pheonix documentation is broken Franklin Bristow 6/16/16
Possible issues in ultimatelistctrl?? Emad Dlala 6/16/16
Item in wx.ListCtrl colour? maurice 6/14/16
wx python 3.0.2 classic 'CheckListBox' object has no attribute 'GetItemHeight' Mr&Mrs D 6/14/16
Styled Text Control - Properties vs. Functions Hubert Mayr 6/13/16
MVC/MVP Design Pattern Questions Hubert Mayr 6/11/16
wx.media - on Mac use Quicktime 10 kevjwells 6/10/16
Undo/Redo framework for wxPython? Emad Dlala 6/9/16
Undo/Redo Emad Dlala 6/8/16
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