The wxPython-users group is for users of the wxPython toolkit to discuss how to use the library and to assist each other with questions.  You can receive messages, and post your own messages from/to this list either through this web interface or via email.  If you would like to send sample source code along with your questions (please do!) please ATTACH the code to the message instead of just pasting the code into your message.  That will prevent the lines from being mangled and will make it easier for people to help you.  See also: MakingSampleApps.

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How to include wxPython as dependency for a Travis CI build? CJ Harries 2/20/18
Help getting a scrolled page in a wx.Listbook Ryan Holmes 2/19/18
WxPython 4.0.1 configuration failed QWERTY_Code 2/19/18
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vtk.wx.wxVTKRenderWindow Problem Pierre-Alain Moret 2/18/18
wx.BusyInfo() and wx.lib.busy.BusyInfo() rolfofsaxony 2/17/18
StaticBitmap not refreshing toma...@gmail.com 2/15/18
change wx.listbox like layout wrap sizer Juvenal Claros 2/15/18
Why does wx.Yield() not work? nepix32 2/13/18
TextCtrl as subprocess pipe Ondřej Vaverka 2/13/18
Listbox changes size unnecessarily when window is resize. Jaideep Singh 2/12/18
Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "unity-gtk-module" Elliot Paton-Simpson 2/12/18
Failed building wheel for wxpython Elliot Paton-Simpson 2/9/18
[pdfwin.py] how to build a Python VARIANT Object for messageHandler Laurent Delosieres 2/9/18
XRC and two stage creation in Phoenix André Colomb 2/5/18
wxPython 4.0.1 App object is missing and Bind method is missing from Frame Bazza Hill 2/3/18
wxPython 4.0.1 Robin Dunn 2/2/18
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