The wxPython-users group is for users of the wxPython toolkit to discuss how to use the library and to assist each other with questions.  You can receive messages, and post your own messages from/to this list either through this web interface or via email.  If you would like to send sample source code along with your questions (please do!) please ATTACH the code to the message instead of just pasting the code into your message.  That will prevent the lines from being mangled and will make it easier for people to help you.  See also: MakingSampleApps.

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detecting multiple key presses Ryan Mann 3/28/17
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Expand an wxChoice object from xrc file robert....@gmail.com 3/27/17
Multiple screenshots using ScreenDC Yurii Mashtalir 3/24/17
TextCtrl -- number of visible lines? ; scrolling? Bob Klahn 3/23/17
ETS traitsui and pyface update to Phoenix woes braide...@gmail.com 3/22/17
wxPython3.0-win64-docs-demos.exe Bob Klahn 3/22/17
winpdb and Phoenix braide...@gmail.com 3/22/17
Capability needed: list-control functionality with the ability to ... Bob Klahn 3/22/17
wx.Grid will expand, but won't shrink! Martin Craig 3/22/17
Phoenix on Windows: ImportError: DLL load failed Mark Summerfield 3/21/17
What's the correct way to cleanly terminate a Phoenix app? Mark Summerfield 3/20/17
Making a grid resize to fit in window Martin Craig 3/20/17
A 64-bit version of the wxPython demo? Bob Klahn 3/20/17
Setting an accelerator table for a child window James Scholes 3/20/17
Anaconda packages for wxPython Phoenix, please test Matt Newville 3/19/17
Re: [wxPython-users] Abridged summary of wxpytho...@googlegroups.com - 4 updates in 4 topics Brendan Simon 3/16/17
Py2exe with OpenCV creating empty image Marcos del Amo 3/16/17
Can't get wx SizedPanel to align children vertically Brendan Simon 3/15/17
Re: [wxPython-users] Resize while style=wx.SIMPLE_BORDER Chris Barker 3/15/17
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