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ConfigurableWroManagerFactory kills m2e-wtp generated files Performant Data LLC 5/20/15
where's the docs for ExtensionsStandaloneManagerFactory? Performant Data LLC 5/18/15
Wro4j Maven Plugin - Uglify Plugin Damien Gallagher 5/18/15
webjar and maven static build ph...@riand.com 5/18/15
Maven plugin and xml files ph...@riand.com 5/16/15
Format js passed as String lx 4/25/15
How to use jmx to update wro cache/model? Александр Соколов 4/7/15
Cache/model update programmatically via JMX Александр Соколов 4/7/15
maven plugin 403 errors for certain external resources mich...@gmail.com 3/20/15
Extending the resources handled by wro4j ph...@riand.com 3/2/15
How to do multiple wro.groovy files Elie Delorme 2/10/15
Is there a way to associate custom processors with a specific group? Ryan Lubke 2/2/15
Internationalization and wro4j - a messages.properties processor Ed 11/27/14
Compress javascript at runtime Stefano Zenny 11/27/14
Maven plugin and CSS DataUri Processor Jérémie Brébec 10/7/14
[Announce] wro4j-1.7.7 is available! Alex Objelean 9/26/14
contributePostProcessors() not invoked against custom WroManager instance Ryan Lubke 9/14/14
Using build-time solution with cssUrlRewriting processor s.lavog...@gmail.com 9/3/14
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