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Work911 Ezine - How Do You Know What You Know Is Really True? Robert Bacal 10/27/10
Work911 Ezine - Huge Canadian Thanksgiving Giveaway For our Subscribers - Free CustSer and Perf Mgmt books Robert Bacal 10/7/10
Work911 Ezine - Back to school, money saving offers, free performance appraisal book... Robert Bacal 8/26/10
Work911 Ezine - Fads, Free Book Summaries, Defusing Hostile Customers Discount Robert Bacal 5/11/10
Work911 Ezine Special Update - Unprecedented 50% Discount Robert Bacal 4/21/10
Work911 Ezine - Bacal ON Social Media, and Bacal Taking On Social Media, Free stuff for webmasters Robert Bacal 2/22/10
Work911 Ezine - Jan28, 2010, Ten Year Celebration, Updates, News, E-readers, Appraisal Tool sale! Robert Bacal 1/29/10
Work911 Ezine - Less Frustration with Searches, New Interactivity (talk to us), Free Offers, Conflict Help, Social Media Con Game, Web Credibility Robert Bacal 12/9/09
WORK911 Ezine - What's New, Ready For Holidays, Fighting Fair, Gift Ideas For Information Junkies, Huge Announcement About New Search Engines For Training, Development, Learning, Management, Leadership, Webdesign, Freebies Robert Bacal 11/20/09
WORK911 Ezine - Free offers, what's new, book summaries, and from a distance everyone looks ???? Robert Bacal 10/27/09
WORK911 Ezine - Free offers on e-learning, online training, Feature on Technology, Free Online U. Courses Robert Bacal 9/21/09
Work911 Ezine - Updates, New Free Stuff, Newsletter Changes, Articles Robert Bacal 7/22/09
Work911 - Special Alert - Another chance to get free The Pillars of Performance Management Robert Bacal 7/7/09
Work911 Ezine - SPECIAL ISSUE - 50% discount PLUS some Free Offers Robert Bacal 4/27/09
Work911 Ezine - Free Whitepapers, Updates, Focus on Social Media (LinkedIn and Twitter) Robert Bacal 3/30/09
Work911 Ezine - Special Edition, Special offer The Pillars of Employee Performance Management Robert Bacal 3/13/09
Work911 Ezine - Free Stressbusters, toolbars, small business stuff, the poor economy and more. Robert Bacal 2/23/09
Work911 Ezine - StressBusters Giveaway on NOW, Toolbar For Managers, Articles on Workplace Conflict Robert Bacal 1/28/09
WORK911 Ezine - Announcing The Busy Learners Free Toolbar, Free Stress Tips Giveaway, Our Smal Business Book Hits Stores Robert Bacal 1/19/09
UPDATE - Work911 Ezine - Incredible Discount on Now. Special Catchup Issue. Robert Bacal 1/8/09
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