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Welcome to the Web & Coding Club!
This is one of the biggest student clubs of IIT Bombay. The club caters to the interest of all students of IITB interested in developing their coding skills. Our activities are fueled by some of the most talented and genius computer G33KS of the nation. It serves as a common platform for exchange of web, coding and programming related knowledge. It operates under the Institute Technical Council (ITC) of IITB.
We also maintain a facebook page and a community website.
We have recently built a wiki page and a YouTube channel.

This group is open to all IIT-B Students (& Alumni).

For any further queries or details, contact the undersigned.
Sajal Narang & Nihal Singh
Managers of the Club (2017-2018)

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[WnCC] On Monte Carlo Methods cheekujodhpur 1/18/18
tldr : for unix manual pages Dilawar Singh 1/17/18
Weekly Newsletter 14/01/2018 sahil shah 1/15/18
Weekly Newsletter 07/01/2018 Sahil Shah 1/7/18
[WnCC] Data Vis: Box Plot cheekujodhpur 1/2/18
GSoC 2018 : MOOSE simulator Dilawar Singh 1/2/18
Weekly Newsletter 31/12/17 Nihal Singh 12/31/17
Interval Arithmetic Sandesh Kalantre 12/24/17
Weekly Newsletter 24/12/2017 sahil shah 12/24/17
Weekly Newsletter 17/12/2017 Sahil Shah 12/17/17
Weekly Newsletter 10/12/2017 sahil shah 12/10/17
Playing with torch-rnn Dilawar Singh 12/7/17
Weekly Newsletter 3/12/2017 sahil shah 12/6/17
The most infamous puzzle Dilawar Singh 12/2/17
Initial Release of Mozilla’s Open Source Speech Recognition Model and Voice Data Dilawar Singh 11/29/17
[WnCC] Chrome team breaks the web to make Chrome perform better cheekujodhpur 11/26/17
Weekly Newsletter 26/11/2017 sahil shah 11/26/17
Better Random Number Generation for OpenSSL, Libc, and Linux Mainline Dilawar Singh 11/22/17
Fwd: On Debugging cheekujodhpur 11/20/17
One-day CEP course on Bitcoin on Nov 25 Nihal Singh 11/19/17
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