Web and Coding Club IIT Bombay

Welcome to the Web & Coding Club!
This is one of the biggest student clubs of IIT Bombay. The club caters to the interest of all students of IITB interested in developing their coding skills. Our activities are fueled by some of the most talented and genius computer G33KS of the nation. It serves as a common platform for exchange of web, coding and programming related knowledge. It operates under the Student Technical Activities Body (STAB) of IITB.
We also maintain a facebook page and a community website.

This group is open to all IIT-B Students (& Alumni).

For any further queries or details, contact the undersigned.
Kumar Ayush & Kalpesh Krishna
Managers of the Club (2016-2017)

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[WnCC] Tech Talk, Walmart Labs Loca Cocinero 3/31/16
Session on 'Technologies for GIS based Mobile Application Development' Abhishek Potnis 3/31/16
Google Summer of Code 2016 Internship Dileep Mohanan 3/24/16
Fwd: Mumbai Open Source Hackathon 2016 cheekujodhpur 3/23/16
Help for Running Steam paritosh.h.gupta 3/22/16
[Pi Day] Computational Methods cheekujodhpur 3/14/16
Fwd: [Student-notices] Digital Library (Dspace) Development Project, IITB Pradyot Prakash 3/6/16
Fwd: [Student-notices] Institute Technical Awards 2015-16: Nominations invited Pradyot Prakash 3/4/16
Kandy.io Hackathon Pradyot Prakash 2/28/16
Query regarding creating auto sessions on internet.iitb site Chinmay Rajhans 2/27/16
Hackathon by Mobile 10X Saurabh_challenger 2/25/16
Installing Kali Linux on my Note 3 Anmol 2/24/16
ICICI Bank Appathon Pradyot Prakash 2/24/16
Computational approaches to memory and plasticity (CAMP) at NCBS Bangalore Dilawar Singh 2/23/16
STAB Manager 2016-2017 nominations shanu.thakoor 2/17/16
Informal Session on Cryptography shanu.thakoor 2/16/16
IITB specific proxy setting for Node.js app fahim 2/12/16
What is LiFi? Pradyot Prakash 2/12/16
Popcorn time in insti sgondala2 2/9/16
Android-based Project Opportunity for Mahindra RISE Driverless Car Challenge Akash Kishore 2/8/16
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