Web and Coding Club IIT Bombay

Welcome to the Web & Coding Club!
This is one of the biggest and exclusive student clubs of IIT Bombay. The club houses some of the most talented and genius computer G33KS of IITB. It serves as a common platform for exchange of web, coding and programming related knowledge. It operates under the Student Technical Activities Body (STAB) of IITB.
We also maintain a facebook page and a community website.

This group is open to all IIT-B Students (& Alumni).

For any further queries or details, contact the undersigned.
Ranveer Aggarwal & Manish Goregaokar,
Managers of the Club.

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Introduction to Python Ranveer Aggarwal 1/28/15
Hack-E-thon this weekend Manish Goregaokar 1/27/15
Competitive Programming Colloquium by CodeChef | FC Kohli Auditorium | 6:00 PM Ranveer Aggarwal 1/17/15
Informal discussion on Wednesday : Topic: Copyright, and censorship on the Web Manish Goregaokar 1/14/15
Top Developers Nomination - Google Developer Group (GDG) - Mumbai Ranveer Aggarwal 1/13/15
IITB CS alumnus Ankit Gupta on campus tomorrow! Sagar Sheth 1/10/15
A small doubt Krishna Deepak 1/9/15
Inviting participation for Inter IIT Tech Meet rahul prajapat 1/3/15
Neural simulation and modelling Dilawar Singh 1/2/15
Github banned in India ? Anaykumar Joshi 1/1/15
Detecting keyboard state using c++ in ubuntu ash22194 1/1/15
Logging in to IITB network from the outside Manish Goregaokar 12/31/14
WebRTC Rishabh Rawat 12/31/14
GDG Mumbai DevFest 2014 Ranveer Aggarwal 12/27/14
Spectral analysis of (simple) speech using python (and introducing Chidiya) Dilawar Singh 12/24/14
Introducing WnCC Internship Postings Ranveer Aggarwal 11/30/14
SSTeP- Final Demonstration Chetan Agrawal 11/30/14
Gnetoo prefix on servers, puppy linux, and others Dilawar Singh 11/27/14
openCV with CUDA cheekujodhpur 11/26/14
Probabilistic programming in Haskell and Python (Langevin again). Dilawar Singh 11/25/14
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