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Welcome to the Web & Coding Club!
This is one of the biggest student clubs of IIT Bombay. The club caters to the interest of all students of IITB interested in developing their coding skills. Our activities are fueled by some of the most talented and genius computer G33KS of the nation. It serves as a common platform for exchange of web, coding and programming related knowledge. It operates under the Student Technical Activities Body (STAB) of IITB.
We also maintain a facebook page and a community website.

This group is open to all IIT-B Students (& Alumni).

For any further queries or details, contact the undersigned.
Kumar Ayush & Kalpesh Krishna
Managers of the Club (2016-2017)

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SWD debugger/programmer ARM cortex-M4 shambulingayya Doddapujar 6/9/16
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GDG - Great Opportunity to work! Kalpesh Krishna 5/29/16
[WnCC][Important] T-Shirt Design! Kalpesh Krishna 5/28/16
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[WnCC] Launch of Seasons of Code and New Website! Kalpesh Krishna 5/12/16
C++11 header file to convert STL vector to numpy binary format (version 2.0) Dilawar Singh 5/4/16
C++ File IO: penalty for opening and closing file at each write Dilawar Singh 5/1/16
[WnCC][Mgmt] Meeting Loca Cocinero 4/29/16
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