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[mpeg4 @ 0x5579eb1f7140] Video uses a non-standard and wasteful way to store B-frames ('packed B-frames'). Consider using the mpeg4_unpack_bframes bitstream filter without encoding but stream copy to fix it. Gordy Elletson 1/15/17
OGV to MPG -> Need higher quality video Jerry Rutherford 12/27/16
X265 HEVC istoff 12/15/16
Invalid pixel format string '-1' shaun henderson 12/8/16
Join two video Valter Pettinati 11/22/16
Anamorphic Widescreen-Crop of video in Conversion 11/19/16
Increase frequency of keyframes Henry Hallock 11/15/16
Duration misreported and seek errors in re-encoded mp3; WinFF (MS Windows) v.1.5.3 safeas.milk 11/11/16
how to select the English audio on a movie mkv to avi? ivan janenc 11/11/16
Converting WMV file to MPEG-4 -How? (Linux Mint 18) gael33 11/10/16
Command prompt window disappears 11/4/16
WinFF for Any Video Convert to MXF 11/3/16
Current video and audio info Ramo 11/3/16
How do I use a counter in winff? Ramo 10/31/16
How do I insert in a preset to keep the original name in output and add "_n" after the output name? Ramo 10/25/16
Audio losless extraction preset from a user BiggMatt 10/24/16
Re: [winff:1622] No MP3 option in the Convert to: menu istoff 10/15/16
How can I convert webm to mp4 or avi? K otgc 8/17/16
Windows 10 - not an administrator. David Monroe 8/11/16
HELP! need help converting a powerpoint to a .wmv Dena Patton 8/11/16
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