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multiple quotes in Preset Command Line Parameters Hans Van der Ougstraete 4/28/16
Flv file not converted Tsam Tuhin 4/17/16
file not found Matt Millstor 4/14/16
User name with special character ü seems to cause error Wolfgang Mueller 4/14/16
Windows 10 presets and fixes Matthew Weatherford 4/8/16
WinFF doesn't work properly when user name has non-latin characters Σωτήρης Παπακωνσταντίνου 3/22/16
permission denied/converting a folder 3/17/16
[BUG] Unexpected behavior when 'Enable Multiple Presets in File List' is un-checked AliceAttentionWhore 3/13/16
[BUG] Impossible to change options or preset after files have already been added AliceAttentionWhore 3/13/16
watermark Ariful Islam Masum 2/25/16
MP4 not recognized by Garmin VIRB Editor and GoPro Studio Cesar Martins 2/13/16
WinFF download infected with a virus Matt Wilkie 2/3/16
not converting Big Volk 1/15/16
WinFF Fails on Two Computers at the Same Time Making uDoPage 1/8/16
convertir un fichero con doble audio aca toro 12/23/15
WinFF download site reported as unsafe by Internet Explorer Robert James Fulner 10/21/15
convert karaoke mp3 icon comp 10/14/15
I am new Matthew Manson 10/4/15
AVI file Alameine 9/22/15
160Kbps to 320Kbps Carlos Almeida 9/12/15
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