Hi, welcome to the weinre google group.   A place for you to ask questions about weinre.

Word of warning: Google Groups gets grumpy when you include URLs which use ip addresses, like "http: // 192 . 168 . 0 . 1 / blah blah" kind of thing (but without the spaces I added - I didn't want Google Groups to get grumpy!).  "gets grumpy" means "your post will be flagged as spam", and then it will take DAYS for Google Groups to inform me about this, and then a couple more days for your post to get posted after I approve it.

Please, please, please, do not use URLs with numeric addresses in them in your post - space them out like I did - or something else!

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weinre on win 7 64 bit wont get data on port Gary T 9/24/13
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What does Weinre do to the target DOM when you select an element? Tarler 9/18/13
Does weinre use websocket to connect Targets and Clients with the server, why not Terrence-caox 9/15/13
Search and highlight feature Ramanathan Balakrishnan 8/31/13
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install on ios? Davit Barbakadze 8/24/13
Re: [weinre] Weinre clients page not show correctly on Chrome (latest) Patrick Mueller 7/16/13
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