This was the general discussion and support forum for Webcomic. If you need assistance please post on GitHub or the Webcomic support forum at WordPress.orgWebcomic is still very much supported; it's just this particular group that is no longer in use.

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Please Read Before Posting Mike 8/21/14
#webcomic IRC Mike 3/27/14
Feedback Request: Social Integration Mike 12/23/13
Feedback Request: The Beginner's Guide Mike 10/27/13
Feedback Request: Video Tutorials Mike 6/6/13
Inkblot Archives - How to edit output? Mihari 3/17/13
Comments not updating with navigation Amaranthe Dod 2/25/15
How can I turn the comic image into clickable link to next comic? Bartholomew Klick 1/7/15
Comments on wrong comic Ben Howard 12/28/14
Responsive : zoom ? Juliette Dod 11/28/14
Navigation Bar spacing Mariah Amundsen 8/21/14
Not able to view the plugin in my wordpress site priyank loonker 8/18/14
Disqus on Webcomics only Gaius Augustus 8/17/14
Webcomic Characters widget list view issues with Inkblot Brandon Casey 7/13/14
svg and other formats support Jens Preem 7/3/14
How to make page footer widgets display horizontally Odogg 6/27/14
Center Header Nav? Jon David Guerra 6/21/14
Having trouble linking Google+ to my site, using inkblot, any help? Peter Crowell 6/18/14
Flash as a webcomic? Mihari 6/11/14
Special consideration for !–-nextpage–- when using Inkblot? Avai d'Amico 6/11/14
Not working: "Resize webcomics to fit the available space" markwilliamsillustration 6/3/14
List all webcomics within a storyline Fosa 6/3/14
Thanks Jason 5/29/14
First item in dropdown menu not working. hyetou 5/21/14
Mobile Menu Obstruction Ryan Lo 5/12/14
Storyline Widget and Sub-Storylines Jason 5/5/14
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