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IMPORTANT - WEB2PY CONSULTING Massimo Di Pierro 5/4/15
web2py resources Anthony 10/7/14
about web2py and this mailing list mdipierro 9/24/12
expire user password 黄祥 4:51 PM
Google Application Engine return Hello world kawate 4:18 PM
invalid reset password webpypy 2:12 PM
as_dict() on a row fails when connected to MySQL on Amazon RDS Sean Ballow 12:10 PM
run time error - auth_user.table appears corrupted reddyreddy 12:09 PM
Starter App (Scaffolding) selction on create app. Encompass solutions 12:02 PM
Help with MSSQL Connection Massimiliano 9:40 AM
Removing email uniqueness from registration form and using other custom field for unique id of users Ramashish Gaurav 8:48 AM
Dynamic drop down menu Gael Princivalle 8:25 AM
Using datatables and web2py Chris Guest 4:52 AM
Semantic 2.0 mcm 4:48 AM
general concepts for creating user defined tables? Alex Glaros 4:34 AM
Multiple Uploads using jQuery-File-Upload: Javascript/CSS Conflict? Brando 12:10 AM
pymysql gives Broken Pipe Fran 7/1/15
grid: get rid of view buttons jackso...@quantachrome.com 7/1/15
How do I get rid design request response session db tables db stats buttons in a sqlform jackso...@quantachrome.com 7/1/15
GUI crossroads: Cappuccino and/or web2py Phillip 7/1/15
export data to OOO and Excel Vineet 7/1/15
Oracle SQL/DAL Bug Issue on Alter Table Boris Aramis Aguilar Rodríguez 7/1/15
How to insert data in data base by xml file Sai Harsh Tondomker 7/1/15
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