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How to edit the menu bar so as to remove profile and name in front of welcome in the dropdown? Steve Joe 5/21/16
Redirect after profile update Ron Chatterjee 5/21/16
_lastsql is commented out Andrew Willimott 5/20/16
Redirecting certain users after login 1dolor1 5/20/16
food delivery system, get the record food ordered rara 5/20/16
Can't log in? Shannon Fry-Penuel 5/20/16
info: bootstrap3 compact form Mirek Zvolský 5/20/16
Lengthy thread.lock.acquire() on ajax calls? mat...@gmail.com 5/20/16
Notification similar to django-notification billmac...@gmail.com 5/20/16
Problem save datetime Alessio Varalta 5/20/16
how to create pdf report in web2py??? prashant joshi 5/19/16
Re: Web2PY server is hanging Massimo Di Pierro 5/19/16
Advice on handling positive and negative decimals? pbreit 5/19/16
How can I make a calculation in the view? greenpoise 5/19/16
parse <class 'gluon.storage.Storage'> Pierre 5/19/16
create dummy users programmatically Pierre 5/19/16
unique=True not working Pierre 5/19/16
st_dwithin Pierre 5/19/16
jqgrid Gurrido any experience Henk huisman 5/18/16
list:reference how to show option popup instead of plain id's? Mirek Zvolský 5/18/16
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