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web2py resources Anthony 2/27/14
about web2py and this mailing list mdipierro 2/5/14
init.js Images not Loading initially LoveWeb2py 8:05 PM
Is anyone working on a two-step login for auth? (Sometimes called two factor authentication) Cliff Kachinske 7:01 PM
Best way to migrate from sqlite to postgresql (or other db) François Delpierre 6:11 PM
parallel shell cause portal block Manuele 2:03 PM
Change button to "loading" after clicked LoveWeb2py 12:25 PM
web2py conference, next week! Massimo Di Pierro 11:16 AM
pass current page id to load function in sidebar Greg Vaughan 10:49 AM
:eval not working Ruud Schroen 10:28 AM
[web2py] expert_search=True Richard 10:14 AM
[web2py] .grid() my own search widget possible? How? Richard 8:10 AM
Skip fields in registration Josyula Krishna 8:05 AM
list:reference field number of entries BlueShadow 7:15 AM
SQLFORM.factory and jQueryUI effects Greg Vaughan 6:08 AM
Newbie - SQLFORM ordering of reference fields M Bailey 6:05 AM
Capturing Request & Response PRACHI VAKHARIA 6:02 AM
scheduler ureal frank 5:58 AM
master detail form Fabiano Almeida 4/23/14
How to hide buttons from form Fabiano Almeida 5:58 AM
How can I open a temporary PDF in a new tab csavorgn 4:14 AM
is it possible to hand over Rows object to sqlform.grid form ? alex 4/23/14
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