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Welcome to the Web Intents Discussion group.

W3C forums can be a daunting place to ask questions, especially those questions that you feel might not be solely specification related.  This list exists to let everyone who is interested in Web Intents discuss and ask questions about Web Intents, new ideas for verbs or let us know of interesting news from around the industry about Web Intents or projects that have similar goals.

Thanks from everyone involved with Web Intents.

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Problem with Web Intents appeared in January Nelia Garipova 4/18/13
Five suggestions for the service picker, selections and integration with desktop Firstname Kreuter 9/26/12
JavaScript shim - support for message ports? John Lyle 9/14/12
Internals of Intents Omkar Shetkar 8/20/12
Issues with Save intent hse33 8/18/12
service registration Martin Junghanns 8/1/12
Editor’s Draft 17 has been translated into Japanese. Yoichiro Tanaka 6/3/12
Protocol? Morgaine Fowle 5/21/12
Validate intent Thomas Ardal 5/18/12
Uniquely identifying an intent Tom Gibara 5/15/12
Wildcard types in chrome manifests Tom Gibara 5/9/12
intents + meemoo hackable web apps Forrest O. 5/7/12