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Fwd: Public meetings re crosswalk design guidelines Larry 7/28/16
Crossing yellow line allowed in North Carolina griswoldkj 7/21/16
Ypsilanti Forest Avenue Bike Lane Approved By City Planning Commission! Bob Krzewinski 7/20/16
For More Bike Lanes In Ypsilanti Please Attend The City Planning Commission Meeting Wednesday (7/20) Night!!! (Psssst - Some People Don't Want Them) Bob Krzewinski 7/18/16
Calling ALL Ypsilanti Area Bicyclists --- Want More Bike Lanes In Ypsilanti? - Mark Your Calendar For July 20th Bob Krzewinski 7/7/16
Volunteers Needed For Huron River Day Bike Valet Parking July 10th Bob Krzewinski 7/4/16
City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee Meeting – Thursday, July 7, 2016 Bob Krzewinski 7/3/16
Reminder – The Border To Border Trail Will Close For Reconstruction Tuesday, July 5th Bob Krzewinski 7/3/16
Fwd: Draft rules don't count bicyclists! We can change them! Erica Briggs 6/30/16
Re: [WBWC] Abridged summary of wb...@googlegroups.com - 2 updates in 1 topic John Hritz 6/24/16
Pedestrian Armband Lights Brawny Lad 6/23/16
PINT’S FOR PEAC - A Benefit For The Program To Educate All Cyclists (PEAC) - Tuesday, June 21, 2016 Bob Krzewinski 6/18/16
Ann Arbor Top Of The Park WBWC Valet Bike Parking Volunteers Needed Bob Krzewinski 6/18/16
Friends Of The Border To Border Trail Board Meeting - June 16th - Dexter Bob Krzewinski 6/14/16
Free Valet Bike Parking & Service At The Top Of The Park In Ann Arbor - Tuesdays Bob Krzewinski 6/10/16
Bicyclists hit by car north of Kalamazoo geffenb 6/7/16
Border To Border Trail Section To Close Between Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor For Reconstruction On July 5th Bob Krzewinski 6/7/16
Road Millage That May Be On The November Washtenaw County Ballot Would Also Fund Non-Motorized Projects Bob Krzewinski 6/6/16
Washtenaw Bicycling & Walking Coalition Board Meeting - Thursday, June 9th - 6pm Bob Krzewinski 6/6/16
Free Valet Bike Parking At The Ann Arbor Green Fair! – Friday, June 10th Bob Krzewinski 6/3/16
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