Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition

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Downtown Cycling Brawny Lad 11/25/15
Border To Border Trail Update Meeting – This Tuesday, November 17th In Ann Arbor Bob Krzewinski 11/15/15
testimony to Michigan House regarding the 85th percentile method Barbara Lucas 11/12/15
Cold Weather Bicycle Riding Talk - Saturday, November 7 - Downtown Ypsilanti Library Bob Krzewinski 11/10/15
Fall 2015 Friends Of The Border To Border Trail Newsletter Bob Krzewinski 11/6/15
SEMCOG Traffic Safety Plan available for comment Murph 11/4/15
City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee Meeting – Thursday, November 5, 2015 Bob Krzewinski 11/1/15
State Street Corridor Planning Eric Boyd 10/23/15
Seeking #OwnWinter tips Nancy Shore 10/22/15
Friends Of The Border-To-Border Trail – Board Volunteers Needed! Bob Krzewinski 10/21/15
Fall Washtenaw Bicycling & Walking Coalition Newsletter Now Online Bob Krzewinski 10/15/15
Last Chance (10/15) For Comments On Ypsilanti's Non-Motorized Plan Update Bob Krzewinski 10/13/15
Clague M.S. Walk or Bike to School Day photos Jeff 10/7/15
Washtenaw Bicycling & Walking Coalition Board Meeting - Thursday, October 8th Bob Krzewinski 10/7/15
Friends Of The Border To Border Trail – Board Meeting – Wednesday, October 7th Bob Krzewinski 10/6/15
Top cities with highest share of cyclists: Ann Arbor is #13 out of 20 Nancy Shore 10/5/15
Your voice is urgently needed: Final vote by City Council Monday October 5 on draft revision of Ann Arbor's Snow & Ice Removal Ordinance Erica Briggs 10/4/15
City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Plan Public Input Sessions Bob Krzewinski 9/30/15
City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee Meeting – Monday, October 5, 7pm, Ypsilanti City Hall Bob Krzewinski 9/30/15
Advocacy Alert: Take a few moments to fill out PROS survey today (deadline 9/30) Erica Briggs 9/28/15
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