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Treeline Master Plan Project Community Meeting Wednesday, Oct. 4 petehouk 9/22/17
Bike Repair Station Installed on B2B David Shinabarger 9/22/17
Fwd: Bicycle Safety Bills Need Your Support Erica Briggs 9/21/17
Washtenaw Bicycling & Walking Coalition Board Meeting – Thursday, September 21 Bob Krzewinski 9/18/17
Pedestrians on the Proposed Treeline Route petehouk 9/15/17
Custom bicycle rack fabricators in Michigan Jan Tripp 9/14/17
Ypsilanti Bike Friendly Community Survey – Your Help Needed (5 Minutes) Bob Krzewinski 9/7/17
Bike Ahead Boxes and Two-stage Left Boxes now Interim Approved - biking on sidewalks changing Ken Clark 8/24/17
Washtenaw Bicycling & Walking Coalition Summer Newsletter Bob Krzewinski 8/23/17
Uplifting MLive Article on the Transportation Commission David Shinabarger 8/20/17
Friends Of The Border To Border Trail Summer Newsletter Bob Krzewinski 8/2/17
Official WBWC Statement regarding Ann Arbor's Crosswalk Ordinance Erica Briggs 8/2/17
Press Release and Open Letter to City Council: Ann Arbor Crosswalk Ordinance and Misguided Enforcement Effort Endanger Children griswoldkj 8/1/17
City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee Meeting – Thursday, August 3, 2017 Bob Krzewinski 7/31/17
Friends of the Border To Border Trail - Board Of Directors Meeting – Wednesday, August 2nd Bob Krzewinski 7/31/17
Washtenaw Bicycling & Walking Coalition Board Meeting – Thursday, July 20th Bob Krzewinski 7/20/17
FYI Barbara Lucas 7/18/17
No July City Of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee Meeting Bob Krzewinski 7/5/17
Temporary Closure of Border-to-Border (B2B) Trail Begins Wednesday, July 5 Bob Krzewinski 6/28/17
Fwd: [AA Tri Club - Forum] Gallup Pathway/B2B Repaving geffenb 6/28/17
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