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Arbitrary platforms in MSVS generator arti...@yandex.ru 7/25/16
Long command line on Windows arti...@yandex.ru 7/25/16
Inter-directory deadlock problem Zaar Hai 7/13/16
tool check at either configure or build time Jason Sachs 7/4/16
msvc tool -- multiple variants and platforms in the same project Joe Weidenbach 7/4/16
Waf 1.9.1 Thomas Nagy 7/3/16
Waf 1.9.0 Thomas Nagy 6/26/16
send build output to stdout and log file BuildMonkey 6/24/16
Disabling c preprocessor for certain folder Anders Rein 6/4/16
Generate doxygen configuration xbreak 5/25/16
waf 1.8.21 && waf 1.9 preview 3 Thomas Nagy 5/23/16
Is anyone using waflib.Tools.waf_unit_test for running unit tests for other languages than C/C++/D? xbreak 5/12/16
Dependencies between commands Antoine Bouthors 5/3/16
Edit PKG_CONFIG_PATH BuildMonkey 5/2/16
waf 1.9 preview 2 Thomas Nagy 5/1/16
Dependencies, list and --target corrodedcoder 4/27/16
HIerarchical build Jos Huisken 4/22/16
Install a directory from build Danny Greenstein 4/21/16
Link cxx program to F90 Nicolas Tardieu 4/13/16
waf 1.9 preview 1 Thomas Nagy 4/11/16
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