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Vim-script: How to produce an error if there is semicolon in buffer? Igor Forca 6/23/17
Is there any way to update a buffer in the background? Kay Z. 6/22/17
vim readonly, scrolloff=5 lothar atheling 6/22/17
measure time betwween two normal commands Ni Va 6/21/17
decrease number? Jack Gates 6/19/17
begin end folding problem Ni Va 6/16/17
"gq" command always linebreak even if setting textwidth=0? Joey Ling 6/16/17
How does vim choose a color that is not in the terminals color palette? S. Jacobi 6/15/17
save and load a micro Sand Glass 6/12/17
Re: mapping list with : v:val and index of v:val ZyX 6/11/17
Using block cursor in plain linux console but vim changes it back to underline slack woody 6/11/17
"less" syntax highlighting error Ti Strga 6/9/17
Cursor isn't at right position for Commit message Kaartic Sivaraam 6/8/17
Is there a simple way to |^a| and |^x| ? Erik Christiansen 6/7/17
CTRL-F Setting Sam 6/6/17
fold-expr Ni Va 6/6/17
vim seems to use perl options not in my perl L A Walsh 6/5/17
looks like a bot or something is clobbering ZoomWin's ratings DrChip 6/5/17 email problems fixed Bram Moolenaar 6/4/17
how to prevent syntax match for repeated chars Erhy 6/2/17
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