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source or load an autoload script Ni Va 11:15 AM
Colored shell commandline confuses ':make' ? 2:51 AM
ch_open on windows Ni Va 1:17 AM
does VIM read OK the tags file if ctags was installed after VIM? Jose Caballero 8/17/17
blinking cursor in search/replace mode LGentis 8/17/17
Silently edit a buffer Dmitry Zotikov 8/16/17
modeline open file at end Bee 8/16/17
Copying files with Vim's netrw on Mac OS X is broken Mark McDonnell 8/16/17
"real" shell in window? ANDY KENNEDY 8/15/17
Any way to make packadd load plugins in start when -u NONE or --noplugins are passed skeept 8/15/17
gVim : multiple tab / desktop environnement integration Patrice Delineo 8/15/17
Re: wrong encoding for digraph page Adam Monsen 8/15/17
cursor drawn over wrong character after cursoring over unicode character, Ubuntu 16.04, Vim 7.4 Adam Monsen 8/14/17
wrapping a series of comma separated words Chris Lott 8/14/17
A very naive question: any doc (book, web page, ...) to learn step by step how to custom configure vim? Jose Caballero 8/11/17
dbext hangs with sqlplus connection dwierenga 8/11/17
Recognize Vim terminal buffers Lifepillar 8/11/17
xsel copies to clipboard twice Tim Johnson 8/10/17
My colorscheme is messed-up but only if I edit a perl .pl file. Help! DwigtArmyOfChampions 8/10/17
New renderer prototypes ? Mikhail V 8/9/17
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