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Buffer name resolution and simplification Gary Johnson 8:14 PM
I cannot realise a :map why ?? aubertin.sylvain 6:34 AM
Persistent undo and force quit sargon 7/28/15
match() to get the offsets of all matches of a pattern in a string BPJ 7/28/15
Recursively open all folds within a range of lines? Paul 7/27/15
gvim search and replace Melvin Simon 7/27/15
dbext.vim bug: jumplist pollution caused by BufRead handler Justin M. Keyes 7/27/15
Custom command completion Rudra Banerjee 7/27/15
There is a mistake in my « makefile » aubertin.sylvain 7/27/15
toggle PASTE in insert mode surge 7/26/15
helptag escaping David Fishburn 7/24/15
Only some foldmethods can be set in modelines? Erik Christiansen 7/23/15
What to do when subscription has not been approved for three weeks? Israel Chauca F. 7/23/15
Cannot send mail to the vim-dev mailing list Arnaud Decara 7/22/15
background=dark-curiosity Niels Kobschätzki 7/20/15
Can makefile allow me to compile programs I modify and see on my screen ? aubertin.sylvain 7/18/15
how to get the function:line of calling script Charles Campbell 7/17/15
vim (MacVim) locked up Eric Weir 7/17/15
File name modifiers ":r" and ":S" cannot be combined 7/16/15
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