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Showing 1-20 of 12304 topics STILL fails to redirect to Andrew Pennebaker 3:49 PM
vim.exe: shortens Command Prompt window Andrew Pennebaker 1:15 PM
Argument complaint Jan 7/27/16
Changing the defaults with Vim 8 Bram Moolenaar 7/26/16
Is there a way to run a shell script that "calls" VIM from outside, passing parameters to it (without to open yours interface)? Michel Grassi 7/22/16
Exception and error messages Carlos Pita 7/20/16
Unable to view my post - "Vim: Caught deadly signal HUP" Thiagu Janakiraman 7/20/16
Use Case survey for C developers power tools plugin Munawar Hafiz 7/18/16
Recent version of vim for windows? 7/18/16
autocmd events Andre Majorel 7/18/16
Re: how to map the n to nzz just in the jump in search result ? Tim Chase 7/17/16
Unknown error in vim by clang complete init when ever I open a file. (error in details) Gs niteesh 7/17/16
vim function argument Sand Glass 7/17/16
[ANN] An excellent Vim's syntax highlighting file for Vim script. h_east 7/16/16
Wrong vim color syntax Willem D'Haese 7/15/16
Re: Digest for - 12 updates in 3 topics Graham Nicholls 7/15/16
pass count to nmap with call Bee 7/14/16
substitute last space with char Bee 7/13/16
SQLUtilities / Align bug Jan 7/13/16
metapost indentation problem Peng Yu 7/13/16
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