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highlighting prefixed keywords Jorge Almeida 12/17/17
Any way to make packadd load plugins in start when -u NONE or --noplugins are passed skeept 12/17/17
Ring bell when search wraps? (i.e. on "search hit BOTTOM, continuing at TOP") Asheq Imran 12/17/17
Corrupt display when editing remotely via ssh Norm Wood 12/17/17
multi-line searches doesn't mark the found items on the whole Erhy 12/15/17
Strange behavior of vimdiff in vim v8.0.1390 on Windows Igor Forca 12/15/17
Can vim complete file names without expanding env vars? Mun Johl 12/15/17
Built VIM from source. Shortly after received update notification through apt which overrode my custom VIM. Phil Fernandez 12/14/17
Vim calendar for 2018 Bram Moolenaar 12/13/17
pattern for substitution including linefeed and carriage return Erhy 12/13/17
[netrw] How to use netrw#Call() to create custom mappings 12/10/17
Finding the recovered swap name Gary Johnson 12/10/17
organize dll Ni Va 12/8/17
bad display of output utf-8 chars Ni Va 12/8/17
What is the fastest way to detect modifications to any listed buffer? Jason Franklin 12/7/17
Track usage of commands and motion Eric Lewis 12/5/17
snipmate and youcompleteme Niels Kobschätzki 12/5/17
vim-plugins-profile Ni Va 12/4/17
Using VIM as a IDLE for Python 3. Wilson Baron 12/4/17
DirDiff does not find differences Ni Va 12/4/17
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