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How to recursively add an entire directory with all its sub-directories to PATH global setting? Bao Niu 12:23 AM
Capturing setting ro/noro Axel Bender 2/26/15
Defining Region focused on current page Ni Va 2/26/15
what does iskeyword option do? FlashBurn 2/26/15
dbext without a password Jan 2/26/15
Enable Syntax on Xml Large File only on drawed window Ni Va 2/26/15
[ann] New plugin to use patience diff algorithm for vim Christian Brabandt 2/25/15
Syntax folding not responding Ni Va 2/25/15
vim 74 compiled and wrong runtimepath ? aRkadeFR 2/25/15
Word boundry would not work when using some wierd Unicode chars with the 'contained' syntax Jacky Liu 2/24/15
Combine . with @: Paolo Bolzoni 2/23/15
file name completion + expand together BaRud 2/23/15
ctrl+enter not working from vim.exe in windows command prompt av 2/23/15
Reviewers sought for new book The VimL Primer Benjamin Klein 2/23/15
autocommand when path/cwd is changed? aRkadeFR 2/23/15
[ANN] winjumplist 1.0.0 - Windows Jump Lists with Vim Eli Young 2/22/15
Getting rid of smart tabs. wexfordpress 2/22/15
vimdiff performance bug? Peng Yu 2/21/15
defining a function and E488 Trailing characters FlashBurn 2/21/15
Editing tar file under osx Subbu 2/21/15
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