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sample .vimrc for text use. wexfordpress 4:39 PM
distribute my unicode plugin with vim? Christian Brabandt 5/27/16
Does :global convert tabs to spaces prior to sending to the screen? Rod Holcomb 5/26/16
Profiling startup of vim : Sourcing two same Ni Va 5/26/16
How to clear screen before running a shell command after bang(!) in freebsd skywind3000 5/26/16
Channel commands: special characters, quotes and escaping Jan Bundesmann 5/26/16
Use Register as Search Pattern in Ex Mode silent Marcel Jödicke 5/24/16
Entries impossible in a Stoustrup code example aubertin.sylvain 5/24/16
"Executing" vim files Michał Urban 5/24/16
dictionary completion for words including `@' sign Eric Smith 5/24/16
Vim is too clever for me Michał Urban 5/23/16
How to set CTRL and minus as a key mapping? Igor Forca 5/22/16
Vim can't recognize text file, but Notepad++ can Suresh Govindachar 5/20/16
dbext result window: column width size problem Marco Silva 5/19/16
CSS syntax in php.vim DwigtArmyOfChampions 5/19/16
Vim and gpg Mario D 5/18/16
Don't know how to work Stroustrup's code example named PHONE_BOOK aubertin.sylvain 5/18/16
Missing symbols file (pdb) for current gvim windows build (gvim74-1024.exe) Gabriele Fava 5/17/16
unsuscribe T.Lux 5/17/16
Argument complaint Jan 5/17/16
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