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Strength of builtin blowfish2 encryption? Stefan Klein 10:34 AM
***sorry*** this version of netrw requires vim v7.4 with patch 213 BPJ 7:24 AM
Slow Python syntax highlighting François Ingelrest 12:48 AM
syntax match bug: 'keepend' not officially supported, but required in some cases Brett Stahlman 9/30/16
How to anable lua for vim? 9/29/16
gvim - not finding gtk icons when starting Andy Falanga 9/29/16
Determine key binding used to call a mapping Axel Bender 9/29/16
vim & ctags: how to jump to the definition in new window 张正宇 9/28/16
I want a prompt to save Vim edits when closing window with "X" button go 9/28/16
strip filename from full path in small vim Bee 9/28/16
No such highlight group name: netrwMarkFile Johann Höchtl 9/28/16
vim stuck on write ping 9/26/16
Status line vs. CursorColumn in diff (or scrollbind?) mode Tony Mechelynck 9/25/16
mapping <shift>:h<space> to ; 9/25/16
Is vim supporting 24 bit colors? KiYugadgeter 9/24/16
Cursor doesn't move to top of screen when issuing a 'zt' Scott Friedemann 9/24/16
surprising behavior with -u: variable defaults not set? Danek Duvall 9/23/16
vimrc cannot be load ibear 9/23/16
Searching for a typing game Fernando botelho 9/23/16
Searching/Researching information on local files Fernando botelho 9/21/16
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