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Copy text and Paste at multiple lines ali jaan 8/29/15
clearing plugin augroup Josef Fortier 8/28/15
Odd delay in execution of <C-O>u Gary Johnson 8/28/15
vim - how to enable searching in vim editor and finding/highlighting pattern that is only in non-commented block/line Annis Monadjem 8/27/15
Bug with i_CTRL-\_CTRL-O? Tim Chase 8/27/15
gVim closing randomly. Paul Isambert 8/27/15
Gvim shows some letters with strike skeept 8/27/15
Highlight if-else-endif structures in Vim Fabian Nick 8/26/15
Solver in vim? Uwe Husmann 8/26/15
Make VIM IDE-like Sergius Lord 8/26/15
How to keep vim registers across applications? Mash Walter 8/26/15
Showmarks problems Tim Johnson 8/26/15
Terminal issues with vim + tmux + Bitvise SSH Server Florian Bruhin 8/26/15
How to easily enable "Lua" in Vim 7.4 (would possibly like to avoid building it from source if possible) Annis Monadjem 8/25/15
vim suitable for professional software development? 8/25/15
ANN: SrchRplcHiGrp version 7 David Fishburn 8/25/15
DBext cursor jump after execution Josef Fortier 8/24/15
Vim has moved from Google Code to Github Bram Moolenaar 8/24/15
Vim is moving from Google Code to Github Bram Moolenaar 8/24/15
aligning comments; struggle with determination whether quote is part of command or not 8/18/15
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